Kids Don't Want To Go To School Why

Kids don’t want to go to school, is that true? Yes, they want to. Nowadays parents cannot send their children to school because the school facilities are making the children sick. In the last few months, at least 13 teachers and several students have fallen ill and school officials have done nothing about the problem. Officials still learned about the problem. That is the back to the Necklace.

Kids are young and don’t want to go to school 

Kids don’t want to go to school, for many reasons they think school is hate, they are unhappy and not cool, etc. If you ask any kid why they don’t like going to school, most of them will tell you that it is boring and they would rather be at home or doing something else.

Why Kids Don’t Want to Go To School? There are many reasons why kids don’t want to go to school.

Some are:

1) They don’t feel safe in the school environment and may be bullied by other students or teachers.

2) They don’t get along with their classmates, especially if there is a bully in the class who makes their life miserable every day at school.

3) They aren’t interested in what is being taught in class and so this makes learning difficult for them because they just want to get out of there as soon as possible!

4) Some students may be suffering from anxiety issues which can make them feel sick or nervous when it comes time for them to go back into a classroom setting again after having been absent or missing days of school already because of their condition.

Kids don’t like to go to school because they want to play games 

Kids love games, they don’t like to go to school because they want to play games. They think their life will be better if they can play games all day long instead of doing homework or studying.

They are very wrong in this matter. Games are not a good way of teaching kids how to learn something new and also it is not a good way of teaching kids how to interact with other people around them who are different from them.

Games can teach kids how to make decisions but not how to make the right decisions in real-life situations where there are many factors involved in making decisions that have an impact on one’s life later on.

So parents should stop thinking about their kids playing games all day long and try their best to make them come out of their homes and join some other activities which will benefit them later on when they grow up into adults

School’s food is not good and they won’t eat their home food

The kids want to eat their home food. For example, they want to eat chicken, fish, pasta, and so on. But the school is providing them with junk food like pizza, burgers,s, fries, etc.

The kids don’t want to eat school food because it’s not good for their health, it contains lots of calories and fat. The kids need healthy food to stay fit, strong, and healthy.

The main reason why the kids don’t want to go to school is that they hate their teachers. They think that their teachers are not cool or not friendly toward them. Moreover, they are very strict towards them if they do something wrong in class or if they forget their books or other things at home then again parents have to come with money for buying new books, etc.,


This article is about the problems of school and why kids don’t want to go to school. I am glad that the article is written for kids and children to understand better why shouldn’t we go to school? We should all what kinds of problems we can encounter in the service of education.


By forhad