Most customers now more than ever prefer to visit a company website to find information about its products or brand. With smartphones, they could easily conduct research about a product or service before making a decision to buy. For this, they look for a website. If your business needs a website, you have to design one, but before that, you have to purchase domain name. A business website never gets noticed or identified by potential customers who search for a certain product or service.

With a distinct domain name, your website will establish credibility, have brand awareness, and geta lot of traffic. Nevertheless, it is not easy to buy a domain with over two billion websites, where each one is identified by a unique website address on the Internet. To find the name you wish to have is not easy, for some other websites may have taken it and using it.

A domain name should represent your business or brand to help the visitors get some information about your company or product. To acquire a suitable name for your website is difficult. With a dependable domain registrar or domain name service provider, you can find a perfect digital name for your ecommerce store or website. However, you need to think about a few points:

  1. Consider choosing a simple, memorable and distinguishable domain made of keyword combinations

The keywords relevant to your business or industry can improve the search engine rankings for your website. A unique domain is a combination of industry- or product-related keywords, and they convey some information about your product or service and your brand, which your customers want to know. You can be a little creative using proper keyword combinations to attract prospective customers to your website easily. Nevertheless, try to avoid a complex word or phrase when creating a name. Have a simple and short name that is easy to remember and type on the Internet.

The length of a domain name matters. Try not have a lengthy website address, which will make it difficult for the user to memorize and type on the URL space bar. A name designed within 8-12 characters is ideal, for it hardly puts any stress on one’s memory. For instance, the names such as ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ are some popular websites in Australia, which are easy to remember. They are leading websites that bring a lot of traffic.

  1. Numbers and hyphens in names can confuse people

It is possible that you can buy a domain easily with hyphens or numbers. Nonetheless, it may not bring customers to your site as expected. People get confused when they come across domain names with numbers or hyphens. When they type a website address wrongly, it will either take them to a wrong site or show that such a site is not available. Therefore, choose a domain that is easy to spell and without any special characters. Simple domain names such as ‘’ and ‘’ are one-word domains that are easily spelled and accessed by people.

  1. Have a reliable domain name service provider

Engaging a dependable and recognized domain name registrar will help you know the domain names that are available, as well as the names that are taken, but not in use. Such service providers are usually Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accredited, and they would have undergone the thorough and complete process of accreditation checks. You can find your desired domain using their domain name generator or tool. Other than this, you can have a registrar:

  • Findauniquedomain name that is still not in use
  • Help you with registration and management
  • Offering distinctive email addresses,which you can use them on any device
  • Help you renew a domain using management tools
  • Providing DNS hosting
  • Offering complete support 24 hours


  1. Get an appropriate domain name extension

A domain name extension helps your business website get a better search engine ranking. It is up to you to decide whether you need generic top-level domains (TLDs) such as com,.org, .net, .online,.info, .biz, and so on used by many websites. If you want to attract local markets, you can go for country-code domains like .au,,, .sg, .co,, .us,, etc.

Considering the above points, you can purchase a domain namefrom a reliable web hosting service provider for your website.