Learn The Enigmatic Power Of Hidden Blades

Hidden Blades

While the title seems like a reference to an otherworldly weapon that opens portals, a hidden blade is genuine and useful. Perhaps the most effective of the concealed, stealth weapons used, the best tool for self-defense is hidden blades knives. And they have been around conceptually and in reality for longer than we think.

Primarily used to protect from attack and assault, hidden blades provide personal security. They aren’t the most common of weapons, especially for civilians, but they are gaining familiarity. Fans of Assassin’s Creed video game are well-aware of the enigmatic hidden blade. There’s been such immense support for the game that Assassins Creed Hidden Blades real prototypes have been made and reproduced. But other than this fantastic fantasy weapon, let’s tackle the reality of this weapon.

How Does The Hidden Blades Work?

  • A hidden blade entails that a knife or blade in concealed within a wearable contraption. 
  • Usually worn on the arm, the blade is embedded into a small channel that aligns the arm-brace or also known as gauntlet. 
  • Much like the spring-loaded pocket knife, the hidden blade locks into a spring mechanism released to reveal the blade. 
  • The blade is usually mid-length and incredibly sleek, so it can cut instantly and slip back into the brace.

Hidden Blades Ownership – Is It Legal To Carry A Knife In the USA?

  • For the most part, knives are illegal to carry in the USA if they are longer than 3.5 inches in blade length. 
  • But you can carry concealed knives if they are smaller than 3.5 inches. Any blade bigger than that has to be carried openly without a sheath. 
  • It is also legal to buy knives and use them in self-defense other than for criminal activity.

Where To Find Real Hidden Blades For Sale

If it seems like the hidden blade might be more suited to butch men who like dangerous gadgets, that’s not true. Hidden blades come in many smart and compact variations because they are built for self-defense. That means that more than anyone, they are the handiest to women. 

You’d be surprised how effective and sneaky these hidden blades can be. If you want a quick and easy blade to use for personal defense, look at some of these real blades for sale:

MTech USA Ring Handle Fixed Blade Neck Knife Pink

  • Under the disguise of the stainless steel, crystal-studded harmless ring, this hidden knife is a stinger. Perfect to carry to busy clubs and late-night walks; you can get away from unsavory situations with this blade.

Ink Pen Knife with Plain Edge – Black Finish

  • hidden being the keyword here, this penknife is indistinguishable from a real pen. Carry it in your purse or pocket in the workplace or on your travels, and you can protect yourself 24/7. The easy-twist cap reveals the hidden blade, which is sharp enough to injure and escape someone.

Scorpion Necklace With Hidden Knife

  • Jewelry is an excellent disguise for hidden knives, much like this scorpion necklace. It is perfect for men or women, and the tail has a concealed blade that drapes around the neck.

Cheap And Cleverly Deceptive Knives by Knife Import

There is no reason that safety shouldn’t be affordable for all. You can also get these hidden blades for under $10 from the online website Knife Import. They have a collection of the most high-quality, high-stealth wholesale hidden blade knives that keep predators in check. Opt for these hidden blades that provide high security at rock-bottom prices.


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