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During the face-to-face classes, you can do every task manually, without any help from technology. You used to rely solely on yourself to attend classes, answer exams, and handle printed documents.

But when universities make a major shift to remote learning setup, you can never accomplish tasks without using any technological innovations. For instance, you can only attend your professors’ lectures when you use your phone to access online meeting platforms, such as zoom. Your professors would not give you printed copies of exams and quizzes anymore because they will provide all of these through google forms.

In terms of handling documents, you should maximize the use of online tools, such as PDFBear to submit everything on or before the deadline. 

What features can you enjoy with PDFBear?

Are you on the lookout for an online tool that can merge and convert Word to PDF free of charge? Or maybe you only want to replace the application you are currently using because you feel like you deserve a better service than it can provide. Worry no more because PDFBear is the best way to manipulate documents however you want. It can make you do all sorts of things by just following a few steps.

Convert Word documents to PDF

Converting Word documents into PDF is a task you can’t get rid of because most, if not all, of your professors, would want you to submit requirements in a portable document format. But the thing is before you can submit a PDF, you have to use other file formats first, such as Word, to create the layout that you want and input as much information as you need. You can convert it into PDF only after you have completed what you have to do. 

You might only see the conversion of documents as an additional burden, but it is not. PDF has features that other file formats can’t offer. It is the most recommended format to use when sharing documents online because it can maintain the content layout that you have worked for.  Since the position of the text, images, graphs, and other data are in their designated places, the receiver can easily read and understand all information you have placed in the document. By using PDF, you can prohibit the receiver of the file from making unnecessary changes and adjustments.

Here are the simple steps you have to follow to convert Word documents into PDF using PDFBear.

  1. Click “Select Files” to upload your document from your device to the PDFBear’s converter tool. You may also drop the file into the box if it is easier for you.
  2. The PDF converter will start scanning the uploaded document.
  3. Wait for the conversion process to end.
  4. You can instantly download the converted file to get a copy of it on your device’s storage.

Add Page Numbers

Page numbers on your document will make it more organized. It will help you navigate the file with ease. You can easily determine where you left off by just remembering its page number.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to add page numbers online during face-to-face classes. You can write them yourself after you have printed the file. But this is no longer applicable in remote learning setup since you now have to submit soft copies, instead of printed documents. Knowing how to do it online is necessary to avoid printing, manually adding page numbers, and scanning them. It will save you a lot of time and effort that will increase your efficiency.

Using the Number Pages feature of PDFBear, you can successfully add page numbers to your documents by following three easy steps.

  1. Click “Select File” to upload the document you want to add page numbers.
  2. Once you successfully uploaded the file, select where you want to place the page numbers.
  3. Click “Number Pages” and download the new version of the file.

Repair Corrupted Files

The corrupted or damaged file is the most hated problem when handling documents because it can make your file inaccessible. It means that you can’t open it on whatever device you use.

If the deadline for the requirement is due a few hours from the time you have found out about the problem, then you have to search for immediate solutions. And one of the easiest solutions available for free to recover files is PDFBEar’s Repair PDF feature. Follow the steps below to make your file recoverable again on or before your deadline.

  1. Upload the corrupted file by clicking “Select File”.
  2. The Repair PDF tool will scan and analyze it.
  3. There are files that the tool can’t recover but it will not cause any additional damage.
  4. Click “Repair” to start the process and wait until completed.


Keep up with the demands of online learning by using online tools available for you anytime and anywhere. So if you find yourself needing to convert, add page numbers, and repair your PDF documents in just a snap, access PDFBear to do all these and more!

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