LMS: The Secret Formula of Smart Schools

“Learn 24*7. From the comfort of your home.”; “Everything is just a click away”. Looks familiar, right? You open YouTube or Google or Bing; it’s there. Such ads have become omnipresent. They persuade us into believing that learning is easy these days; why aren’t we making a move already? It has become so easy to provide and attend online classes with tools such as the Learning Management System (LMS).

Let us help you understand more about these systems. Several ed-tech companies and start-ups are working relentlessly to find solutions to the education sector’s myriad problems in modern times. They are working day and night to make virtual classrooms a reality in schools so that our kids’ future is no longer at stake. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the only way to provide continuous education is by shifting all the course material and resources online. This way, they can be accessed in offline as well as online classrooms. This paves the way for your school to become a smart schools

The school kids need a lot of assistance from the elders in doing most of their tasks. Therefore, to make a school smart, you need to have a good Learning Management System (LMS) to switch from offline to online and online to offline anytime without the loss of work or gaps in learning outcomes.


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform to enable a teacher to manage education dissemination online. It provides a software system for schools to manage, administer and deliver the classes and train online. The educators can share the course material, lesson plans, content frameworks, assignments and assessments online. So it is a ‘one-stop solution for managing and administering virtual digital classes smoothly.

It caters to the educational needs of K-12 schools. A smart LMS provides practical tools to the teachers and administrators that automate and streamline tedious tasks such as creating assignments, assigning the assignments to the students, conducting online quizzes and tests, correcting the homework online, a repository of e-learning material. A sound LMS benefits teachers, students as well the administrative staff of the school.

An effective LMS provides an open, easy to use, cloud-based technology for easy integration of tools, content, study material, and more according to the teachers and student’s needs. Its adoption has increased over the past year to facilitate conducting virtual classes for schools because it can even be customised as per your particular school’s needs.

An LMS for school helps teachers create and organise lesson plans, conduct temporary assignments, provide feedback efficiently. It helps them to communicate with all their classes easily. It provides you with the flexibility to increase engagement and optimise learning outcomes.

With an engaging learning environment, you will be able to preserve knowledge and enhance academic performance. It will become effortless for you to manage content, personalise courses, enable deep learning and foster collaboration. LMS is a win-win solution for all the stakeholders – teachers, students and the administrative staff as their workload gets reduced, and they can utilise their time more efficiently.

An effective LMS provides a single platform to the schools to administer, manage, and track education delivery via online and offline modes. It automates and streamlines the administrative, educational and managerial functions. Therefore, you need to invest in a good LMS before resuming your schools. A sound LMS is a boon for the teachers, students, parents as well as administrative staff.

As we advance, we need to combine the best of both online and offline worlds to create a hybrid model of learning. A hybrid learning model is an innovative way of experiential learning through efficient LMS, which is growing with fervour worldwide. Many countries like Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Japan, Kenya, Russia, etc., have already speeded up its adoption.

It is an attractive, fun, and engaging learning model for all the students because it uses various tools and techniques such as gamification, usage of slides, images, and videos to engage the students. This way, the students feel motivated to participate in the classes actively. The students are very relaxed as they have access to the material 24*7, and they can learn at their own pace.

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we can no longer rely on traditional education modes. And we need to have resilient technological solutions in place to continue providing education to our kids in such dark times. Getting an LMS is like getting a lifetime insurance cover for your school. It’ll help you and pay more significant dividends when physical schooling is on the verge of dying. This will also come with intelligent cost-saving options. It’ll be easier to take care of your financial health by converting your school into a smart school with the help of an excellent LMS.

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Adopt an advanced Learning Management System for your school if you want to reap advanced benefits. It is the most unified classroom solution that equips teachers with multiple functionalities to leverage to achieve higher learning outcomes for all students. It doesn’t matter if they are at home or in the physical classroom. It provides you with all the tools you need to create and deliver e-learning classes. Even tracking everything is super easy.

It is your foremost duty towards your kids to provide excellent and continuous education with available technological solutions. The new hybrid model of learning is indispensable for rewiring the current outdated education system. We hope you invest in a smart LMS solution to rock the world of a new learning model to stay ahead in the education field. We want to remind you that having an excellent LMS is like having insurance cover for your school. It will always keep your school rising and shining amidst all the turmoil and unprecedented times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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