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Overview of our Time Tracker with Screenshots


Do you know that according to one statistical analysis, untracked time costs U.S businesses $8.9 billion loss every day? That’s a substantial sum of money. This concern drove us to develop a Time Tracker with Screenshots to make time tracking simple for every team, remote workers, and freelancer.

What’s Time Tracking?

The technique of tracking and recording the time spent working by everyone in your firm is known as time tracking. It allows companies to see what their employees are up to during working hours, which can be utilized to build customer invoices and pay hourly employees or freelancers.

Timesheets used in Time Tracking are popular among remote working teams and freelancers, as well as firms because they simplify payments and invoicing. It’s necessary to keep track of which clients were served and when to bill correctly. It’s not difficult to get a sense of what your workplace team is up to. All you have to do is stop by someone’s desk and inquire about the 2 p.m. deadline. Businesses can benefit from time tracking in a variety of ways. Next, we’ll go over the four most important ones.

Benefits of Time Tracker with Screenshots

Do you believe your company is losing money? Or your team has projects to work on but never seem to have enough time in the day? Time tracking can help you figure out where you’re falling short and what you can do about it. Here are the key advantages of top-notch time tracking:

  • Helps stop squandering money and bill clients more accurately
  • Time tracking can assist you to identify the main sources of revenue loss, such as:
  • Inefficient flows
  • Surplus personnel (your team is bigger than it needs to be)
  • Your marketing efforts are not being quantified
  • Delayed payments from clients
  • Fees for services you don’t use or require
  • Rent, physical supplies, and other costs associated with running an office.
  • Increase Productivity

One of the central concepts of time tracking and productivity measurement is this. It is possible to improve your productivity by measuring it. An 8-hour workday yields only about 3 hours and 15 minutes of productivity for the average employee. Setting goals that aren’t real isn’t the point of time monitoring; it’s basically about gaining mastery of your patterns and making decisions based on evidence. You may acquire an estimate of how long it takes your team members to accomplish a task by keeping track of their time. This enables you to create precise timetables that can be easily undertaken by the team.

Makes a better estimate of projects

Nobody enjoys being rushed. When you give a member of your team three hours to finish a project that could take ten hours, that’s exactly what occurs. Having a precise record of how long a previous project took can provide you with a stronger baseline for future projects. When preparing an estimate, you could get tempted to ask how long a task will take. It’s simple enough.

Helps foster transparency among the team members

Time tracking has been shown to create a system whereby both the employer and employee can relate together with optimum transparency and trust.

  • What’s in the offer for you?
  • Our Time Tracker with Screenshots:
  • It’s easy to use
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Has a top-notch customer support
  • Simplicity plus automation
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling of tracks
  • Productivity features
  • Give us an email today to start a lifetime of ease and efficiency!

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