Main Types of Electric Bikes

The popularity of electric bikes has increased dramatically in recent years throughout Europe. Electric bike is a bike that has a coupled electric motor, assisting its driver to move forward. The energy is obtained from a battery that is recharged through the electrical network and, in some cases, from solar panels.

This type of bike is increasingly popular, and above all it is preferred in cities for its versatility, ease of use and convenience as an alternative to public transport. Electric bikes for sports such as MTB have also become very popular.

There are different types of electric bikes.So, let’s see the main differences and advantages of each of them.

Urban electric bike

It’s about enjoying all the advantages of a traditional city bike, with the help of the pedal-assist electric battery motor. These bikes allow us to travel longer distances in the city in a more enjoyable and pleasant way, turning the bike into a very convenient alternative to the bus or the subway.

Some types of urban electric bikes are:

Folding electric bikes

They are ideal for big cities, moving from one place to another with complete comfort, with the great advantage of taking up very little space when storing them. Most folding electric bikes work like regular folding bikes.

They have an electric motor in one of the two wheels or under the bottom bracket and a battery that is usually integrated into the frame or placed under the seat. These electric bikes are heavier than normal folding bikes, but with today’s technological advancements, wonders have been done with their weight and good lightweight folding electric bikes can be found.

Electric city bikes

It’s the classic city commuter bike with larger wheels, but with an electric motor to help get around. For those who prefer to ride bikes with larger wheels and the same amenities as a touring bike, these bikes are an exceptional upgrade. They include (or can include) all the necessary urban accessories to make journeys comfortable and fast.

Electric Fixie Bikes

With the Fixies electric bikes we obtain a minimalist and basic bike, accompanied by an electric motor and battery to assist us on slopes and long distances. The most remarkable thing about this type of electric bike is its design, simplicity and lightness.

Electric mountain bike or eMTB

MTB e-bikes are ideal for sports, this is another type of electric bike ideal for practicing sports in the mountains, where it is more difficult and exhausting to practice cycling. This electric bike allows fans of this sport to have fun for longer, climb steeper slopes, reducing fatigue.

Mountain bike rims tend to be more robust and have a more complete type of damping than regular electric bikes.

Electric fat bikes

Electric fat bikes are MTB bikes with a battery and the most powerful pedal assistance motor. They have very wide wheels, and a fork capable of supporting them. The fat e-bikes have the particularity of being able to ride on any type of terrain, including snow, sand or mud, surfaces that a normal mountain bike could not cross.