Makeup accessories every woman should have

From simple to complicated makeup routines, finding the best makeup tool for you depends on your skin type and specific needs. But overall, you need to look for recommended quality products. There are a lot of makeup tools and accessories available on the market, some are not really necessary, so in this article, we’ve narrowed it down for you and listed the most essential makeup accessories you need for any kind of makeup routine.


Soft crease brush

A soft crease brush helps you apply makeup even in hard-to-reach places. It’s great for blending creases and doesn’t spread the product too much. It stays within the area so you can create a soft-cut crease effect that blends in the tiny inner corners with ease.


Foundation brush

A foundation brush is great for applying as it spreads the foundation evenly on the skin. The advantage of using a brush is that it doesn’t absorb your foundation or melt on your fingers, so you can save a lot. The brush helps to apply foundation flawlessly as it helps to blend the product into the skin without much effort.


Angled powder brush

This brush is designed to evenly distribute powder over your skin tone to set and enhance your appearance, making the product look less cakey on your skin. The angular shape is also great for applying contour and blush, so it’s a great multi-purpose brush to carry when you don’t have much space in your purse.


Angled liner and eyebrow brush

Compared to other brushes on the list, this is a dual-purpose brush. The liner brush has short, sturdy, and angled bristles for cleaner, finer, and sharper edges, while the eyebrow brush lets you groom and contour your brows, even out, and blend products for a natural-looking finish.


Sponge blender

One of the most essential makeup tools today is the sponge blender. It usually comes in teardrop shape but more companies are becoming diverse in terms of the variety of color and shapes. The sponge blender absorbs more water than the product itself, so our beauty products can last longer. The tip of the sponge acts as the “brush” to reach the contours of our face, while the bottom part is used to blend makeup in larger areas of the face. Since this tool is very absorbent to most liquid and powder makeup, make sure to clean it every once in a while to avoid irritations on the skin.


Slanted tweezers

Known for precision, slanted tweezers are primarily used to remove unwanted eyebrows and facial hair. Slanted tweezers are sharp enough to grab even the most stubborn hairs, it has a 25-degree angle that can cling to fine hair to expertly shape, tame, and transform your brows.


Eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers are one of those tools that most makeup artists can never forget to use. That’s because curling the lashes up and away from the eye area amplifies the benefits of mascara and brightens the entire face and gives you a fiercer stare. It’s very easy to use and although it only serves one function, it has a great effect on your overall look.

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