MangaStream has been in the business for over a decade now and it is popular to quench the thirst for manga in one go. 

The site is User-friendly and simple interface has been the main reason for the popularity of MangaStream. The manga content it provides is on point and has quite great genre variations that include sci-fi, action, romance, and much more. All of it was provided in different languages and an easy to search option.

MangaStream was free to use and it didn’t force the user to register themselves. It had a huge collection of manga. One could easily find any popular manga series like One Piece, Bleach MangaStream, and many others for free on this website.

However, MangaStream had gone off the Internet completely. When searched for it, the domain returns a blank page with the error line of IP address not found. MangaStream’s Twitter and Facebook account are also disappeared.

What went wrong with MangaStream?

Over the years, MangaStream faced many difficult situations. It was shut down a lot of times but it always came back up again. On the contrary, it seems like it is dead again for an indefinite and uncertain amount of time. It is very much possible that the site won’t come back up again.

MangaStream used to share scanned copies of the original manga comics and provided free access to that content to its users. And that is the exact definition of pirating content and theft of the original creator’s intellectual property. This is one reason why MangaStream was taken down and why it stopped providing its services now.

Why did MangaStream die?

MangaStream has been dead for a noticeable period now. The reading service of the site was taken down for several reasons.

One of the main reasons is its illegal content delivery. The original manga makers want the readers to read the content from the legal sources. Followed by legal action by original manga owners, they have forced them to shut down. However, the reasons are not stated by the owners, but it is believed that was only because of its illegal operation.

There has been no official answer from MangaStream about the sudden shutdown of their website.

Was MangaStream Illegal?

MangaStream is a pirated and scanlation site. MangaStream and other sites like this provide scanned copy of Manga copy. The copies are submitted by fans who translate, edit the comics into several other languages.

An artist initially publishes manga comics with the help of an issuing company that owns the rights. The company pays the artist for the use of their content. However, when sites like MangaStream provide free copied content, the companies do not get any profit out of it and ultimately, neither the artists. It was a violation of intellectual property rights (piracy, imitation) of the publishers.

Best alternatives of MangaStream

mangastream alternatives

To continue reading the Manga comics online without any interruption, explore these alternatives to read all the Manga series you want to.


MangaFox is a user-friendly site and lets the user search for comics. You can easily find your desired manga on MangaFox. Their UI and UX are soothing for the readers.

Moreover, the website features more than 8000 plus Free manga. You will also be able to find the latest Manga on the site. MangaFox is a viral website and it offers a massive selection of manga comics that you can avail and Read Manga online for free. 

You can check out the MangaFox site to know more.


If the reader wants to read manga online for free without getting annoying ads, should go with Mangadex. It is optimized and also offers high-quality manga series online.

Mangadex offers the largest collections of April Fool’s, Shonen, Screentone, and Josei comics. The comics on this website are available in over 20 languages, proving itself as one of the largest manga comics sites with multi-lingual.

The readers can form groups of their own for sharing and uploading manga comics. They can even read alternative fan-fiction theories, ending and official crossover manga series.

Users can interact through the dedicated community forum to discuss their favorite manga with other readers. However, some readers report that Mangadex seems to be missing out on some newest releases of popular manga comics.

You can visit Mangadex site.


MangaHere is one of the popular MangaStream alternatives with its ever-growing manga comics collection of over 10,000 reads in its directory. Similar to other manga websites, 

MangaHere changes its URL extension from time to time due to DMCA issues (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

MangaHere offers many manga genres, including action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, and school life. All the collection is categorized into one of these sections, making it easier to access a specific genre.

The comics are available to be read online and also through the mobile app using the MangaZone app. Due to the nature of the app, it must be installed manually using the app.

Check out their site MangaHere.


MangaPark is simply packed with manga comics which is quite fascinating. It is another reliable alternative to MangaStream. MangaPark comes with a greater collection of comics, including some of the popular and celebrated manga series that readers expect to read on the site.

The site comes with some good features, it allows the users to change themes between light and dark mode, they can turn off the adult content, bookmark a favorite manga. They also give an option to choose the number of images they want to see on one page, an image zoom mode, and some more. The users can easily find them under the settings option. The interface is cool and easy to handle without any pop-up ads. It can be easily accessed on any platform.

Visit the site of MangaPark to read your favorite manga.


A community that is completely dedicated to the manga comics is MangaReborn. It is a massive group for those who are crazy fans of manga series. It has news and a forum section for all the hardcore and dedicated manga fans. So being regularly updated and informed and a part of a discussion in the group about manga comics is really easy.

The white and maroon theme of the website makes it look very decent and presentable. One can also enjoy comics in multiple languages like German, Italian, and so on. Readers can also chat with any member about character data on the platform. MangaReborn is growing its popularity day by day.

Visit the MangaReborn’s website.


TenManga is one of the newest alternative websites to MangaStream. And being the latest website for manga lovers it still has a 55+ genres database for avid readers. Readers can find any manga on the tip of their fingers on this platform with just the first letter of the name of manga comic. The look of the website is getting good with every latest update on the homepage itself.

Visit TenManga to know more.


One of the best MangaStream alternatives is MangaReader, it is a website that has a maximum resemblance of looks with the original MangaStream website. The classic and attractive user interface with Manga Comics in English always lures the Readers to stream on this manga website. If the user wants to read any random manga comic, they can just click on “Surprise me” and a random comic will appear for the amazing read.

The manga lovers can find all the manga comics on this website that are high in quality and superb print. Readers can also navigate the comics from A to Z by the first letters of the comics’ name on the list.

Visit MangaReader to try it out.


MangaOwl has a unique reputation among online manga readers. The other sites are not even close in receiving as much appreciation as Manga stream, this one alone has backed a fair share of appreciation and Reader’s attention.

Readers are likely to like the interface and services of MangaOwl website. MangaOwl’s bounce rate is relatively lower. Reader’s can dig through a lot of manga comics to read on this fantastic website. Enthusiasts are looking and appreciating the site at the million views that it gets. Manga owl has made a fair reputation among manga streamers. This is not very different from anime and cartoons but it is a comic book and readers enjoy it in this form.

Readers will love the captivating and unique orange interface that this website serves. Readers can anytime and anywhere follow the link and read their favorite stuff for free. They can even download the stuff they enjoy from the website and read it offline. Also, sharing it with their friends and closed ones.

Check out the website of MangaOwl.


KissManga consists of more than one lakh comics so readers can keep reading as long as they want. The quality of the comics on this website is high and it has some exclusive comics too.

When a chapter is officially launched, Readers can read it on the website immediately. They can even activate notifications for new chapters and updates of the list. Sharing your manga reads is easy from the website. There is also an option to send feedback on the site.

Check out KissManga to know more.


If you are looking for a place where you can download the comics and read later, MangaFreak is for you. The website provides you with a decent and unique collection of manga comics offering different genres. The User Interface of the website is very simple and user-friendly which helps the readers understand everything. The best feature about the website is the history section, it helps you access which comics are read and which aren’t. You can also go through what you previously read in this section.

Check out the site MangaFreak to start reading your favorite manga.

Where to read One Piece Manga Series?

The Manga series One Piece has been running for almost 15 years now and shows zero signs of slowing down. Several anime and manga series have run for much longer, but that doesn’t honestly beat One Piece. One Piece comics has a massive fanbase and it is by far the highest in the rating.

You can read every One Piece chapter on Viz Media. Even MangaFox and MangaOwl have been ranking the One Piece series the highest. You can read it online or download them.

Where to read Bleach Manga Series?

Bleach is one of the best Manga series that was introduced to the medium. It’s great for the people who are just looking to dip their toes in manga before exploring anything more. Additionally to the manga mentioned above comic sites, readers can also use Manga Plus and Viz, which are currently free, safe, and legal sites to read manga online. 

Also, look at some of the best manga series you do not want to miss – Fruits basket, Akira, Dragon Ball, Death Note, Naruto, Ouran HighSchool Host Club One-Punch Man, World Trigger, Claymore, and so on. 


Aniflix is a great way to stream anime right from your Android device. This is also the best alternatives of mangastream anime site.


MangaStream has been one of the most famous and favoured Manga streaming websites where the readers would enjoy their favorite manga series. This site was widely welcomed and relied upon by several manga readers all over the world.

However, the reason for MangaStream is that the owners of the original manga comics forced them to do so. The site was illegal as it published the manga comics without the knowledge of manga comic owners.

There are some very good MangaStream replacement/alternative websites with many good features mentioned above. Some of the relevant MangaStream alternatives are listed which are free to read and browse. Hope you will enjoy reading Manga Comics and explore some new websites.

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