Music Essay

Merely all people like music. They find it a great pleasure to go to a concert by a favorite singer or band. They come in peace and can relax. Some adore this art so much that they cannot imagine their lives without it and select the music industry as their future. Many students intend to become singers, composers, etc. Accordingly, all of them have to attend a special musical school or college to get the necessary education. This is when the first troubles happen.

Students have to write all types of academic papers, and sometimes they cannot select a good topic. It surely creates a lot of problems. First of all, they lose a lot of time. Secondly, if they choose a boring topic or the one that is not relevant, they will write an uninteresting paper. That is why we want to help such students. We have created a shortlist of 30 essay topics, which are suitable for the music industry. Review the next ideas:

  • Is it hard to record an album?
  • Why do some bands manage to record 10+ albums and some cannot?
  • The difference between contemporary culture and popular music.
  • How does music affect culture?
  • The link between music and brain development.
  • My favorite song and it is important to me.
  • The importance of music education.
  • The philosophy of music for people.
  • Comparison of classical rock and rock alternative.
  • Chester Bennington: A true legend of rock.
  • The phenomenon of Freddy Mercury and his incredible charisma.
  • The history of the development of rock.
  • Why is R&B so popular?
  • Is opera singing more magnificent compared to common singing?
  • Music as a lifestyle.
  • The role of music in society.
  • Everything sounds: Why is music that important?
  • Great examples of when music saves lives.
  • Music therapy and its benefits for students.
  • Music helps to overcome anger and hatred.
  • Playing instruments helps to overcome stress.
  • Evolution of the radio.
  • Is it easy to become a music manager?
  • Why is it important to listen to live music?
  • The benefits for the infants when the mother listens to classical music.
  • How does listening to music help to increase your performance in the gym?
  • The role of women in music production.
  • The main challenges of the modern music industry.
  • The origin of the guitar and its place in the world of music.
  • Is it hard to be a successful singer?

These were 30 great music essay topics one can use to write a good essay in music. You are welcome to choose any of them. You may also use these ideas as the basis for your own concepts. Every example may help to define one or more original ideas.

How to Write a Catchy Introduction?

We also want to help students with the stages that come after the topic selection. We are quite confident that you know how to research a topic and create an outline. Now, it is necessary to figure out how to write a good introduction.

It is supposed to get the attention of your readers right from the beginning. This feature is similar to the role of a good topic, isn’t it? If your readers are bored by the first lines of your essay, they will hardly continue. That is why you should think about something special and original. The most effective hooks are:

  • Shocking statement – The scientists have managed to receive amazing outcomes, which have shocked the entire scientific society.
  • Anecdote. It is a story that happened to you or somebody you know. Be sure it is related to the topic of your paper.
  • Rhetoric question. It is a special question that has an obvious answer and does not need to be answered. Yet, the purpose of the question helps to create intrigue.
  • Citation. You may cite someone famous and thus pay attention to the issue you study in your research.

If you have problems with the creation of the hook, find at least one sample that is written by a successful student or a professional essay writer. Conduct an analysis of the introductory part. Define the hook and try to understand the way it was implemented. Replicate a similar technique in your own essay. 

You should find various examples of the hooks mentioned above. Practice them several times until you master them perfectly. Afterward, you will not have any problems with getting the attention of your readers. You can also apply similar hooks in the main body paragraphs. Do not forget that you are supposed to keep your readers interested all the time long until your essay is finished.

The Bottom Line

It is not always easy to find enthusiasm and creativity in selecting good topics for music essays. If you face this issue, use our helpful topic list. It provides brilliant ideas, which are currently relevant and always interesting to disclose.