Microsoft integration with Epic EHR

Perhaps you already know that Microsoft Teams has joined the Epic App Orchard marketplace. This allows healthcare professionals to launch a virtual consultation from the EHR system. This new EHR integration with Epic empowers telehealth workflows to ramp up their telehealth services by leveraging Microsoft. Built on Microsoft 365 cloud, MS Teams offers simple, secure collaboration, and communication with video, chat, or voice that complies with the HITECH certification and more!

Epic App Orchard Integration Features

With MS Teams made available, patients and clinicians can start a virtual consult with some other provider directly from the EHR system. This feature offers communication and collaboration opportunities, making it easy to cut through the clutter of fragmented systems. 

You may utilize the Microsoft Purview compliance portal to set up a data link to import audit records for user activity from your Epic Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) system. Information for occurrences linked to accessing a patient’s health reports are included in audit records from your Epic EHR system. The Microsoft 365 insider risk management solution may leverage Epic EHR audit reports to help safeguard your company against unwanted access to patient information.

With Teams EHR connector, you can-

  • Launch MS teams virtual appointments via an Epic EHR system and an integrated workflow.
  • Empower patients to join Teams within the patient portal or through SMS.
  • Create metadata back to the EHR system regarding Team appointments to record when attendees connect or disconnect.
  • View consumption statistics reports and customizable Call Quality information.

Clearly, MS integration with Epic is streamlining the workflow. Do you want to know the steps of using Epic with Microsoft Access? Get in touch with professionals!

Before you get started with integrating MS Teams into Epic EHR, you need to prepare. Here are a few things you need to do-

  • Get familiar with the integration process.
  • Request to download the Teams application in the Epic App Orchard. Then, send an email to The EHR connector team will respond to your email.
  • The next step is to review the Epic Microsoft Teams Telehealth Integration Guide with a technical specialist.
  • Check if all the prerequisites are in place. 

Once you have checked the prerequisites, an Epic customer analyst or an MS 365 global admin will perform the integration steps. 

Setting up the Teams EHR connector

In order to get started, the MS 365 admin will launch the EHR connector configuration portal. They can configure single or multiple organizations to test the integration. Next, the admin will add an FHIR base URL from the Epic technical specialist and the username of the Epic customer analyst who will approve the configuration.

If your organization wants Microsoft to manage SMS for patients, enable SMS notifications. Then, the Epic customer analyst who was added as approver will launch the EHR connector configuration. After validation, the approver will be asked to sign in with Epic credentials for validation. After sign-in, the customer analyst requires to approve the configuration. If it is correct, the MS 365 admin will sign in to the configuration portal and alter settings.

After that, you need to review and finish the configurations. Now the Epic configuration is done and the organization is ready to support virtual appointments.

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