phone repair stores

The idea of visiting a phone repair store can be overwhelming at first. There are a lot of speculations about it. And, understandably, you might be hesitant to call. However, the experience of a well-reputed cellphone repair shop can change your mind.

This article will educate you about all the common misconceptions regarding smartphone repair stores. 

So let’s get it busted!

Most popular phone repair store myths debunked.

An expired phone warranty

The fear of getting a phone warranty voided can make you hesitant to visit. It is the most repeated misconception found among the masses. However, it isn’t conducive. There is no such thing as this. If your phone is under warranty, you won’t be charged. But there are few black sheep in such a business who might convince you that your phone is unrepairable and can charge you.

Do avoid them and always go to authentic ones. You can find an open cell phone repair store in North York, Ontario. 

These stores offer post-warranty repairs on replaced goods as well. Some even offer a lifetime warranty on replacement parts. 

Going to a phone repair shop is expensive.

A cellphone repair centre ensures that customers get cost-effective rates on phone repair. They prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. Their core focus is on timely repair, through examination of device and economical price. You can also compare the repair price to the new phone price. And your choice will always be a well-reputed phone repair store! It is a reasonably small price you pay for getting your phone repaired.

Fixing your phone on your own

The biggest blunder you’ll ever make is to fix your phone on your own. You can not do it better than a professional. You can watch tons of tutorials and short courses and will still lack skills. A thorough comparison of an unskilled person and a skilled technician working at any cellphone phone repair store in North York, Ontario, will help you clarify many misconceptions. 

The lack of knowledge about tech and tools also lengthens the phone repair process for an ordinary person. At the same time, a skilled technician with sufficient expertise and high-quality tools speeds up the process. 

It is advisable not to do any DIY phone repair and hand it over to a repair store.

These stores have prompt customer service, high-quality tools, and original units for replacements. And above all, their prices are affordable for everyone.

The optimum truth: Fix your phone at a cell phone repair store in North York, Ontario

Now that the misconception about cell phone repair centres is busted, you must be keen to find one. Various cellphone repair stores in North York, Ontario, offer your premium quality services. The services you can expect from a repair store are as follows:

  • Battery replacement/ repair
  • Charging port replacement/repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Headphone jack replacement/repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Console repair
  • Smartphone repair
  • Tablet repair
  • Ipad repair
  • MacBook repair
  • Laptop repair

Irrespective of the complexity of your tech device, a phone repair center is eager to fix it. 


In summary, there are countless misconceptions regarding phone repair shops. And some of them might be true. You are responsible for identifying the authentic ones and getting your smartphone fixed instead of replacing them. At FixPoint, you will be offered phone repair services by expert technicians. What’s unique about their service is that they offer same-day repairs for every tech device. They are fast, efficient and affordable. Such quality services in any other phone repair store are hard to find. Hop in today to experience it!

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