If it’s time to get tanned again, and you are unable to find the time to visit your favorite salon, you can try the mobile spray tanning option. Boca Tanning Club, the best tanning salon in Florida, now makes it easy for you to get your desired tan in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your home, hotel, or any place of your choice. 

The reputed East Boca Raton club offers mobile airbrushing services that make it easy for anyone to receive a full-body tan delivered by a trained and professional spray tan artist in 10 minutes. Boca Tanning Club is the preferred choice of ladies looking for a celebrity golden tan that delivers instant results and is long-lasting as well.

How Mobile Spray Tanning Works

With over 17 years of experience in the tanning industry and having firmly established themselves as the undisputed leader in tanning solutions in Florida, the tanning salon has become the favorite destination for those looking for quality tanning that looks great on anyone.

The certified airbrush technicians from one of the most trusted tanning salons in East Boca Raton utilize HVLP spray machines, regarded as the best available in the industry. You can look forward to an amazing and flawless tan every time.

You can get a wide variety of tanning solutions when you choose mobile tanning services from Boca Tanning Salon.  They offer the perfect blend of warm brown and cool violet undertones.

Made From Organic Ingredients

 The tanning solutions are free of gluten, paraben, and sulfate. All the products are cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan.

Boca Tanning Salon’s mobile spray solutions are of the highest quality and rank among the best in the industry.  The superior quality of the brand is apparent from the long-lasting guarantee offered by the salon. They also fade evenly, thus sparing you any embarrassment of a patchy look on your skin.

Choose From These Add-On Options

 If you are a fan of cosmetic colors, you can get an instant one with multiple shades of bronzers. It is a simple but effective way of enhancing your tan.

The three scents available at present are tea tree, desert bloom, and the much-in-demand coconut lime.

In End,  It’s a great option for those who want a tan before going to a party. There are other options available such as prep spray and moisturizer spray for wider options.

By Alex D