Digital Marketing Vocabulary/terms

Here is the list of various common terms which we often get confused when we work with a local SEO agency.

Before going to the details, also visit here for How to easily create workflows from a flowchart template.

  • External link

An outbound link from a website, that is, a link to another site.

Sbxhrl Review – How to Get Started With Sbxhrl

You’ve probably heard about Sbxhrl, a traffic-generating tool available for free. But what exactly is it? How can you use it and is it safe?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the advantages of this traffic-generating tool, and how to use it correctly. Plus, we’ll cover some of the most important points about its promotion.

You can get started today! Until then, don’t hesitate to take advantage of its benefits!

  1. Free
  2. Easy to use
  3. Safe
  4. Cost & subsidiary
  5. UTM monitoring parameter

Tracking parameter to add to ad campaign links (= tracking tag). This allows you and your chosen SEO agency to better interpret your campaign results, such as by channel, campaign type and ad format, and the content used in your ad.

For example, the link in the ad tells us more about the campaign, but for example, brings with it to Google Analytics that this is an autumn campaign has been running on Facebook and has featured a Google Shopping blog about ecommerce marketing. Here’s a handy tool for implementing follow-up links.

  • Yoast, a search engine optimization tool

Search Engine Optimization Tool (for WordPress). The tool defines a keyword for a web page (focus keyword, 1 keyword / phrase per page is recommended) and the text of the search result that appears in the search engine. The tool guides Search Engine Optimization in terms of aspects that affect in and visibility (links, naming images, mentioning the keyword in the text, title and description text, length of text and title appearing in the search engine, etc.).

  • Workflow

Workflow is a term used in marketing automation for process or work progress. For example, Workflow can contain a series of different emails, but equally, Workflow, or automated work, can include automated workflows related to customer information, sales, and marketing that eliminate manual workflows.

Digital Marketing Tools

Some of the most common tools used by the digital marketing agency are as follows.

  • Facebook Debugger fixes updated link information for a Facebook publication

This is the number one tool! Have you posted an update to Facebook that includes a link to the website? And then you notice that the update has a completely wrong image or a typo that slipped into the caption. This typo has been fixed on the website and a new image has been uploaded, but Facebook will still show the old information when creating the post. Facebook Debugger solves the problem. Go to the tool, enter the website address and ask Facebook to reload the page information (“Scrape Again”).

  • Social media image sizes – a tool for image cropping

Do you make content on multiple channels and are you suffering with different image sizes? Each social media channel often has its own image sizes and who will remember them. A handy way to get hold of all the image sizes is to have different infographers with the information compiled (Google, for example, Social Media Image Sizes 2019 and the web is bottled with this information).

  • Facebook Business Manager

Do you manage multiple Facebook pages or advertising accounts? Or do you work in a large organization that needs to manage administrators, advertisers, and marketing partners? Facebook Business Manager is an enterprise platform that allows you to easily manage user rights, company pages, and advertising accounts from one place. In addition, you create the necessary Facebook pixel for marketing or find ideas for targeting through the “audience information” functionality.