A waist trainer provides amazing benefits from the first day of waist training. I am an expert fitness trainer and coach for 15 years and have witnessed unexpected changes caused by waist trainers. However, a waist trainer can only be effective if you have it in your correct size otherwise you will just suffer.

Every woman has a different body in terms of size, structure, height, torso length and many other factors. When your body is different from your friend, how can her waist trainer fit you? So, it is important to get a waist trainer in right size that fits your body properly. Only then it can give best results.

My Waist Trainer Doesn’t Fit Well, What Should I Do?

You should wear your waist trainer properly to make it fit well. In case you have put it on correctly still it doesn’t fit well then you should get a right size waist trainer for yourself. It is pretty simple, you need to know your current waist size and torso length. On the basis of that, you should select your preferable waist trainer that exactly matches with your waist size or close to it.

When you have a wrong size waist trainer, it can cause many different problems that are given below.

#1. My Waist Trainer Keeps Digging on Sides or Back:

Your waist trainer keeps digging on sides and/or back because it is smaller than your needed size. Your waist trainer size should be exactly or closest to your natural waist size, only then it can fit properly around your waist. You should measure your waistline and refer the waist trainer size chart to buy it in right size.

In case you have a right size waist trainer and it is still digging on sides/back then it is because of poor quality material. The material of your waist trainer is not thick enough to prevent the built-in bones from digging your back/sides.

#2. My Waist Trainer Doesn’t Cover My Whole Stomach/Abdomen:

Your waist trainer doesn’t cover your whole stomach because it is shorter in height than your torso length. The waist trainers are made in different sizes from 3X-small to 8X-large. These different waist trainer sizes make it fit properly on slim women, medium/average women and plus size women.

Some women have short torso, some have medium/balanced torso and some have long torso. When your waist trainer fits around your waist properly but doesn’t cover your whole stomach, it simply means your torso length is bigger. So, you should get the best long torso waist trainer that covers your whole stomach and provide needed compression to create an hourglass figure.

#3. My Waist Trainer Folds When I Sit and Rolls Up/Down:

Your waist trainer folds when you sit because you have a bigger waist trainer than your needed size. The waist trainer folding and rolling up/down problems arise mostly because of wrong sizing. So, you should measure your waistline and get the right size waist trainer that stays in place without folding when you sit or move.

You may also face waist trainer rolling up/down problem when your waist trainer doesn’t have bones. So, always buy a steel-boned waist trainer that does not roll up/down when in use.

#4. My Waist Trainer is Too Tight and Painful:

Your waist trainer is too tight and painful because you have worn it tightly or it is smaller than your waist size. Most waist trainers come with hook & eye closure system with multiple rows of hooks for adjustment. If you wear it at the last row of hooks and it feels too tight then shift it to second last row of hooks to make it comfortable.

If you have worn your waist trainer at first row of hooks and it still feels tight & painful then get one size above. It is the best solution to make your waist trainer firm fit and comfortable.

Wrapping Up:

Buying a waist trainer requires enough knowledge about waist trainers and their size charts. You must measure your natural waistline carefully before selecting the size of your waist trainer. Because only a right size waist trainer can give you desired body shape without creating folding, rolling, digging, pain and other problems.

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