Pizza Lovers

Pizza Lovers

It’s hard to find someone on earth that doesn’t want to eat pizza. A lot of flavors and the addition of different traditional tastes into it make it a favorite meal for almost every kind of person. You must have heard rumors about the popularity of pizzas. You will be shocked to know that most of them are right.

You can estimate the popularity of pizzas by the fact that only in the United States, about 98 percent of people eat pizzas. Among them, 54 percent claimed that they love pizza as their precious thing. In the whole of America, only 2 percent of people don’t want to eat pizza. About 33 million Americans have claimed that if they have to choose only one meal for the rest of their lives, this would be pizza.

Despite all the love and popularity and love pizza has earned, there is some nutrition consciousness about it. Being a fast food, it is considered as unhealthy food by some people. And this is true as well. Although it contains cheese and vegetables, which are good for health, it also contains ingredients, including pizza sauce, that can add calories to your body at a quicker pace.

Pizzas can increase your weight, resulting in obesity. Sugar is also present in different sauces and even crusts of the pizza. This can disturb the insulin levels in your body. But all these disadvantages or drawbacks of pizzas cannot stop pizza lovers from eating them. But in order to make sure that your love for pizza doesn’t cost your health, you should follow the given tips. These will help you to eat pizza without disturbing your health. 

Make Your Own Pizza

The best way to prevent yourself from the unhealthy effects of pizza is to make it by yourself. This will help you to cut down all the ingredients that are unhealthy. You can also keep the calorie count low by doing so. You can add various healthy items to it.

Making Pizza Crust

You might think that pizza crust is not the thing to matter, as it is simply bread. But this is not the fact as it might contain sugar that is not good. Whenever you try to make pizza at home, try to make everything by yourself.

Never buy a pre-made pizza from a mart. Similarly, don’t buy the readymade crust for your pizza because it might contain sugar, artificial flavors, and colors that are not good for your health. Try to buy whole-wheat flour and then make pizza crust at home.

Vegetable Loaded Pizza

Vegetables feel so good in pizza that you can never imagine that you are eating those veggies in pizza that you don’t like. So make sure that your pizza has more than the normal amount of vegetables. This can give you extra nutrients. Extra topping of vegetables can be a good idea in this regard. Vegetables will add more flavor and taste to your pizza.

Pizza Sauces

Here comes one of the main ingredients of pizza. Pizza sauce can add different and amazing tastes to your pizza. It is essential to make the pizza delicious and juicy. Pizza sauce in Pakistan is available at every store with different flavors and brand names. Make sure that you have read all the ingredients of the sauce before buying it.

Always prefer those sauces to make pizza that contains some healthier ingredients. Make sure that the sugar concentration is very low in the selected sauce.

Cheese and Meat selection

Cheese and meat for the true pizza. Pizza is incomplete without them. Choose them wisely for your pizza. Cheese is healthy food but make sure to keep its concentration low in the pizza. This might not go in the favor of cheese lovers, but if you are one of them, you can decrease various other ingredients to add more cheese. This will maintain the calories in pizza.

The best option for meat is to choose lean protein meat like chicken. This will give you proteins and almost zero calories. Other meat forms like pepperoni contain a high amount of sodium and fats. This might lead to health problems.

Now you can eat pizza whenever you want without worrying about its impact on your health.