You’ll need to have installed numerous accounts on the same system to open multiple MetaTrader accounts concurrently. Follow the same steps as if you were installing a single MT4/MT5 terminal, except that you’ll need to pick a different location when installing it. You can enhance your trading experience through metatrader copy trading platform.

Modify the installation’s default destination folder

You will have the option to alter the installation destination folder when you execute the MT4 installation. Once you click the “Yes, I agree” button, you can access the “Settings” button. The “Settings” button will take you to the next phase, where you can modify the installation destination folder for MT4.

The MT4 installer often prefixes the installation folder like C: Program Files. Metatrader 4, which is perfect for the initial installation, is used. However, you must modify this location to a unique folder name that does not yet exist when you install the second, third, or any subsequent terminals.

We advise giving folders different numbers after their names:

Metatrader 4-1’s program directory is C:

Metatrader 4-3 can be found at C:

You can distinguish between terminals and store all installation files in separate folders by using the various numbers at the end of the folder name. of course, you are free to assign folders any name you like, but make sure they are all distinct.

Instructions For Installing Multiple MT4 Platforms

Even though installing several MT4 platforms on Windows is rather simple, less tech-savvy traders may find the process overwhelming. Fortunately, you can complete the process in a matter of seconds.

  1. Make sure you have installed at least 1 MetaTrader 4 platform

Installing the first platform is the first step. On the C: Program Files disc is where you should perform this. This is where MT4 will automatically install when downloaded from your broker’s website.

You can download MT4 from your broker’s client area if you’re having difficulties finding it.

  1. Activate C: Program Files

This is on the local disc of your machine. Your initial installation of MT4 should be done here. The cmtrading is a licensed international brokerage and CFD provider.

  1. Press Control + C to copy the MetaTrader 4 file.

This step pretty much speaks for itself; all we’re trying to do is duplicate the MetaTrader file inside Program Files.

(Control + P) paste the MetaTrader 4 file.

In the same Program Files directory, paste the file.

  1. Rename the file for MetaTrader

It will prompt us to rename the file after automatically giving it the same name as the copied file after pasting. To make managing your MT4 versions easier, you should give them highly sensible names. A nice illustration would be:

One MetaTrader 4

3 MetaTrader 4

 MetaTrader 4

Like metatrader the cmtrader is also the best platform of all the time.

MT4’s default settings

All MT4 platforms can be used for trading, but if you want to trade multiple accounts simultaneously, you must enable a certain feature. For each MT4 account you plan to trade on, you must complete this step.

From the top menu, select Tools > Options to open the window.

Toggle “Allow automatic trading” and “Allow DLL imports” on the Expert Advisors tab.

Install specialized trading software for several accounts.

It takes a particular kind of software that can duplicate trades between multiple MT4 accounts to move the same trades to other MT4 accounts. This computer program is frequently referred to as a “trade copier” or “account copier” among Forex traders. Some refer to it as trading.

A trade copier application’s primary function is replicating your trading from the Master account and ensuring all subsidiaries. Client accounts have identical open positions with the same stop loss and take profit criteria. It essentially connects a number of Client MT4 accounts to your Master MT4 account, allowing you to open positions on the Master and have them mirrored on all Client accounts.

Setting up LTC Client EA

Except having to select a new MT4 platform from the list, installing the LTC Client EA is almost the same. The platforms you choose must be able to receive trading positions from your Master MT4 account and operate as Client MT4 accounts.


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