Believe it or not, all of us have something or the other we are afraid of. Everyone in this world, from a five-year-old child to a seventy-year-old man, has something to fear. One of the most common fears is the scare of heights, also called acrophobia. So here, we will talk about some possible ways to overcome this fear.

We can overcome this fear by taking small steps. Now, you take this line in a literal sense or metaphorically; both make sense. In a literal sense, you can start by taking small steps to climb ladders ranging from gorilla ladders to Werner ladders, do physical activities related to heights, etc., so that it helps you gradually. So let’s learn more about how to overcome this fear.


Fear of heights, also called acrophobia, is one of the most common phobias suffered by many people. It may cause anxiety, panic attacks and cause enough stress to affect life daily. It can be caused as a result of traumatic experiences faced, or it is hereditary.


If you want to overcome this fear, do not worry, there are many possible ways to do this. So let’s see what these ways are:

  1. Start to expose yourself to fear.

It would help if you start exposing yourself to the heights, be it moving to a higher level in a multi-storey building or from the foot of the hill to a little higher. It takes time, but as we know, the fruit of patience is always sweet.

     2.Prepare yourself

It would help if you visualize yourself in future situations where you might need to go to high places. By this, you know what is ahead of you, and you tend to panic a bit less.

     3.Practice relaxation methods or meditate and exercise

Increased heartbeat, panting, sweating are all general indications connected with this fear. So it would help if you relaxed, maybe by doing some intense breathing workouts that help you reduce your fear.

     4.Take small steps

As mentioned in the introduction, taking small steps can lead you to victory in the long run. Thus you can maybe start climbing ladders and slowly go to the higher steps. You can use a gorilla ladder which is super light and is non-slippery so that you won’t fall. Plus, it can also be converted to an extension ladder which helps you go higher.

    5.Choose a correct physical activity

If you find yourself being a person who loves to travel, acrophobia may stop you from travelling. You could involve yourself in adventure activities like gorge walking -which is walking over small boulders, rock climbing, and you could go to glass floor rooms as well.

You could be afraid of heights even if you are on the top floor of a guarded being and you don’t have a single chance to harm yourself. It is often easy to get anxious and not be careful in certain situations that deal with your fear.

But you know what, take a chill pill and justify to yourself that you don’t need to worry about that height and that you are very much safe. Give yourself that reassurance, and I’m sure you’re good to go.

It is important to at least try to get rid of the fears you have. In the long run, not even trying will make you only feel guilty for the rest of your life. Whether you want to overcome your phobias indoors or outdoors, you should plan small objectives for yourself and concentrate on accomplishing them one by one.