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The deck is the area that is immediately adjacent to the swimming pool. This area is also known as the pool patio, where the collection features are placed. The Atlanta pool builder has to ensure that the deck is appropriately designed; so that all other elements of the swimming pool are adjusted well.

An Atlanta Pool Builder Considering Pool Decking Factors

The strength of the swimming pool depends on several factors, and the deck is one of the most important because it is considered the supporting part of the structure. So, when deciding to have a pool deck, the builders consider the following factors.

Which Material will be The Most Appropriate?

Apart from the swimming pool structure, the deck has to be the strongest because many features are installed on or around it. The best material choice is concrete, as it is water-resistant and durable. Other materials used to construct the deck include stone tiles, cement pavers, brick, and wood.

The Most Suitable Pool Decking Design

The three important elements that must be considered by the staff of pool companies in Atlanta include the pool style, size, and shape. Sometimes homeowners try to ignore one or all elements when designing the pool, which can create issues after the installation.

How Much Time and Amount Spent on Creating the Deck?

Some important aspects must be considered when deciding how much time will be spent on the construction. These include the material used, the area of the deck, and the features added to the deck. These factors also determine the amount spent on deck construction.

Why is the Swimming Pool Constructed?

Some people install a swimming pool because they are preparing for recreational sports or want to practice for some competition. Others have it constructed for entertainment purposes. For the first reason, the area of the deck can be small.

Pool Companies in Atlanta Deciding Size

The size of the swimming pool is also associated with the purpose of its construction. Another point to note here is that the backyard area also determines the deck’s size because the proportion of the pool and the deck is important.

Weather in the Area is Also Important

The city’s climate is significant because the material will be used accordingly. Swimming pool building companies like Sandals Luxury Pools will use cement, composite materials, and stones in locations where rain occurs more often.

How Much Maintenance is Required?

Some homeowners don’t have much time to give to cleaning and maintenance, so it is important to select the material and features of the deck that require minimum maintenance. But people who love to take care of their swimming pool can have a large terrace with multiple features.

Time and Effort Spent on Repairs

Along with maintenance, homeowners must consider the effort, time, and money spent on the repairs. Swimming pools made from certain materials don’t require repairs for a long time, thus, saving money.

How Much Time Will Pool Installation in Atlanta Take?

The time taken for swimming pool and deck installation depends on several factors, including the deck size, the features installed, and the material used. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances delay the construction, like selecting the wrong season for pool construction.

What Safety Features to Install?

Installing safety features in a swimming pool and the deck is important to keep everyone safe. The main safety features installed on the deck should include the swimming pool cover, safety net, alarms, and perimeter fence.

Pool Deck is Constructed for In-ground Swimming Pools

According to an Atlanta pool builder, the pool deck is constructed for an in-ground swimming pool because building a balcony above a ground pool will weaken the structure.

These are the important factors that pool builders should consider when constructing a deck.

Below are three questions to clarify the concept of pool decking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should a pool deck be?

According to an Atlanta pool builder, the right thickness of the swimming pool deck should be almost six inches. But the soil’s condition and properties can increase the deck’s consistency. This thickness has to be according to the material used, and the top layer should be an additional one to two inches thick.

What is the least slippery pool decking?

A swimming pool deck made from concrete is the least slippery because the floor’s texture is rough, and water might quickly absorb into the deck. Your next choice should be stone tiles or brick, as they can also be safe for everyone.

Is it normal for concrete around the pool to crack?

A concrete swimming pool deck can have minor cracks because people walk and run on it, and it also has heavy furniture and features installed on it. It would help if you did not let these cracks grow bigger as they might cause serious damage to the structure.

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