Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance in your house, but they can carry several deadly diseases. Most people think of mosquitoes as only blood-sucking creatures but are unaware of the many dangers they carry. It is important to learn about the diseases and germs they spread and take proactive measures to prevent their entry. 

Mosquitoes are small creatures that can fly. Therefore, it is rather difficult to stop their entry, but not impossible. If you want to prevent potentially dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, and yellow fever, you must follow a few measures and get pest control help

Proactive measures against mosquitoes 

1. Remove standing water from your property. 

You should never leave stagnant water inside or around your house because those become the breeding grounds for female mosquitoes. They lay their eggs in the still water, and those eggs become nymphs in no time. These pests can lay eggs anywhere, from a big pool to still water contained in bottle caps. You never think a few drops of still water can become a problem until it does. Check your lawn toys, wheelbarrows, and birdbaths as soon as they start filling with water. 

2. Keep your drains clean. 

Drains are a popular and significant place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Any pest control company would recommend you to keep your drains clean because it is a prime mosquito breeding place. Moreover, drains get blocked easily and give mosquitoes an even ground for expanding their population. Simply the act of keeping your drains and gutters clean can improve the situation around your house. 

3. Keep your lawn free of dead leaves and wood. 

While stagnant water is still the number one breeding ground for mosquitoes, it is not the only one. These insects can lay their eggs on any moist surface, such as the soil, leaves, and debris. When they see your lawn full of things like this, it creates an attraction. Keep your lawn clean and grass trimmed to make it less attractive for them. 

4. Use natural repellants. 

There are several plants that serve as natural mosquito repellants. These plants look and smell good and, at the same time, can prevent mosquitoes. Therefore, it is an excellent solution. Some of these include catnip, marigold, basil, peppermint, and lavender. All of these are non-toxic, will beautify your house, and also provide herbs for your kitchen. You can keep these both inside and outside your house. 

5. Spray, traps, and fans. 

You can always find mosquito repellant sprays on the market for a quick solution. Mosquito traps are another good solution, but make sure to keep changing them from time to time. If you turn on the fan, the bugs will find it hard to fly against the blowing air.