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What is a product roadmap, and how can you create one for your app development team?

If you’re starting from scratch on a mobile app, you can hire dedicated resources in UAE or  you’ll have to figure out how to turn your initial concept into a workable execution plan. It’s the product manager’s job to ensure that all the personnel involved in the product’s development are working together in a unified fashion. A mobile app development plan, or product development roadmap, is the first and most critical instrument for achieving this goal. 

If you’ve been designing mobile apps previously you will know that a high-quality product can only be built if there is a solid foundation laid in the roadmap.

What is a development roadmap for a product?

The product development roadmap is a comprehensive document that outlines your product’s vision and development strategy. As a dynamic summary, it records each step as it is completed throughout the development process. A roadmap is a prioritised list of features or requirements for a product or service, as well as a timetable for when those features or requirements will be released.

A mobile app development roadmap often appears as a horizontal bar chart that depicts the status and timing of various projects and tasks. The most effective roadmaps are those that are flexible enough to allow for ongoing revisions. That’s why it’s best to use roadmap tools and templates to construct them.

The following are the five primary goals of a product roadmap:

  • Define the product’s strategy and future direction.
  • In order for it to be effective, it must serve as a roadmap for implementing your strategy and vision.
  • You can get your stakeholders on board with your product roadmap.
  • It’s a great way to start a discussion about possible outcomes.
  • External stakeholders and customers can understand your business strategy better thanks to a clear roadmap.

Building a mobile app has its own set of challenges and involves several iterations, which is why a plan for mobile app development is so important to the overall project’s success.

Why is a software product roadmap necessary for your business?

The development road map for mobile apps serves numerous purposes, including the following:

  • To make internal work on a product easier to complete. In other words, the mobile app development roadmap acts as a bridge between the broad concept of an app and the envisioned business goals by outlining a specific plan for how these goals might be attained. This allows the roadmap to play a part in bridging the gap between the two.
  • In order to simplify communication with stakeholders from the outside. This applies to all potential end customers, investors, and contractors who are involved in the process of product development.
  • To ensure that those reading the roadmap have a clear understanding of both the product’s overall strategy and its long-term goal.
  • To allow for the display of product changes and advancements in accordance with market demands.
  • To assign certain units of development a priority and to schedule completion dates for those units.
  • You will be able to navigate through the entirety of the product development process with the assistance of a product development roadmap that has been clearly and accurately compiled. This roadmap will help you determine what your focus should be in the short-, medium-, and long-term, what features of the app should be prioritised right now, and how to manage the expectations of stakeholders while the project is underway.

An example of the video streaming app roadmap that surf prepared in Google Sheets for one of our customers can be found below. The app was developed using Flutter, and its development involved the participation of multiple teams, including designers, engineers, and content marketing managers. Because of this, the primary objective was to ensure that the app was accessible to a wide variety of users and was simple to comprehend.

Bottom line

We always conduct preparatory work to align with our clients’ product’s goals and strategy, preferred format, type of roadmap, and required timeframes. Creating a software product roadmap is an integral part of the app development projects we undertake at Mobcoder, an iOS app development company in UAE.