Pros and cons of buying used with private or agency

When the new market goes down, pre-owned ones go up. They are the first purchase option for anyone looking for a car, as they are usually more accessible or their final price can be better negotiated.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting a
used or pre-owned from a private party or an agency? In both cases there are points
to rescue.

But first, the first recommendation, without a doubt, is to access reliable car sales pages. Auto for Trade has a series of locks that prevent fraudulent vehicles from being advertised by individuals, checking that the data is real, the prices of the cars are according to the market and offering service options such as Protect, which hides personal data abroad to avoid blackmail or misuse of telephones. If you want to buy a used car in Kenya, you need to get free information from auto for trade.

With particular

The benefit of buying from a private person is the right to negotiate the final price. One recommendation is to take the car to an agency of the
brand and ask for a general diagnosis. They will charge you for that, it can vary between 1,000 and 2,000 pesos depending on the brand, and you can negotiate with the seller that, if the car is in the conditions it insures, you pay for it (in the end you guarantee
your purchase), but if not He is, he will have to pay for it and you take your money for a better product.

Also be especially careful with stationery; in the traffic secretariats of your locality they can assist you with the information that you should know and review about the car to be 100% sure of your purchase.

Another advantage is that, with fresh money to deliver to the seller, it is possible to tighten the price a little more, although yes, you must have constant and sound capital.

IMPORTANT: always remember to make the negotiating agreement directly at the windows in public places and the transaction or payment within a bank.

With agency

For agencies, used or pre-owned cars are a great business, because it allows them to have higher profit margins than in a new one and it is immediate or fresh money, unlike new ones, where part of the business equation includes the services.

This also allows the price to be negotiated at some percentage, although not much.

There are several advantages to buying from an agency: they are established businesses, you can even get a loan and most offer a guarantee of their cars for at least one month. If the agency you saw does not have a guarantee, better find another that does.

Is it convenient to buy a pre – owned of the same brand as the agency that sells it? The answer is yes, because the service shop knows the product better. Also, in most cases, they have warranty certification for their own models, in which between 100 and 150 security points and legal papers of the car are reviewed, in addition to being able to assist you in the change of ownership. You can even receive an invoice issued by the agency itself.

Also the safest thing is that payments are made at the bank
and you do not have to carry cash.

The biggest disadvantage, perhaps, is that the price is usually
higher than the models that you find in particular. Let’s say it is the cost
that must be paid to feel a little more secure in the purchase.

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