granite sterling countertops in VA

Granite countertops have been the best choice for a long time now. It is a suitable option for the kitchen and bathrooms. Despite having other options, more than 30% of people go for granite countertops. Also, they are highly durable and stylish. There are high-quality granite sterling countertops that are ready to install.

Moreover, every countertop material has some downsides. In this case, granite has some pros and cons. So, you need to know better about them before making any decision. Granite brings quality and strength to your home.

Here is the list of some pros and cons that will shed more light on the subject:

Pros of granite countertops:

  1. Unique appearance
  2. Durable
  3. Heat resistant
  4. Stain-resistant
  5. Not only for the kitchen

Granite sterling countertops

Unique appearance:

There is no denying that granite is a natural beauty. This stone has various unique looks. Therefore, every granite slab has a unique color and veining pattern. Also, some of them have a grain-like design. Granite countertops from Sterling can elevate the look of your home with their stunning visuals. They go perfectly with any kitchen.


The next most essential positive about granite is its long life span. Despite being porous, granite can last for decades and more. It is naturally a hard stone. That is why it can resist scratches and pressure. Also, it can handle daily wear and tear. So, if you want to install a granite countertop, go for it.

Heat resistant:

Granite is quite practical to use. It can handle the heat and pressure of a kitchen and a bath. But, adding a sealant can add up to its life span. So, granite with a layer of sealing can absorb heat. You can even place a warm pan on its surface. But, it is better to take precautions on time.


A kitchen involves a lot of stains and spills. So, it is natural for a counter to have spilled on it. But you can trust granite with that. It can resist staining in a better way. Also, the tip is to wipe the spills or stains immediately. Moreover, it will not absorb any stains if it has a proper seal. So, take good care of your granite surface, it will retain the looks.

Not only for the kitchen:

If you think granite is only suitable for the kitchen, you are wrong. Granite sterling countertops can add value to any part of your home. So, you can install them in your patio and basement too. In addition, many people are using granite tiles for their floors. In this way, it is a wise investment. Plus, they are easy to clean.

Well, these were the positive points of a granite countertop. Now, let’s talk about some of its cons:

Cons of granite countertops:

  1. Porous surface
  2. Prone to cracking
  3. Cold surface
  4. Can have seams
  5. Can be costly

Porous surface

Granite is porous in nature. Therefore, it may absorb liquid spills and stains. So, it has to have sealant. The layer of a proper seal can protect your countertop from any reaction. It is best to use a seal every year to avoid this problem. It increases the life span of your top surface.

Prone to cracking:

Granite countertops are durable, but they are prone to cracking. The weight of a heavy object may cause it to crack or even break. For this purpose, get some expert advice. Also, give support to the counter by using base cabinets. It will prevent any damage.

Cold surface:

Not just granite, many other materials are cold in nature. Despite being in the kitchen, they can be cold to lean on. Well, that is not big of a deal. You can use large size mats to avoid the coldness. It is not wise to sit on a countertop otherwise.

Can have seams:

There is no denying that granite comes with natural veining patterns. However, the seams on the surface might be an issue. Therefore, the slab of the slab can create this issue. To resolve this, use more than one slab to make a counter. Also, make sure that seams are not visible on the top. They can be on the granite edges. So, use your mind and skills for this.

Can be costly:

As far as the price is concerned, granite can be costly with installation. They can go from $2000 to $4000 with installation charges. So, they are pricy in comparison with other stones. Still, most people prefer them. If you want to control your expenses, go for a ready-to-install granite slab. It will work for you in the best way.


Well, granite is equally best for homes and offices. Granite sterling countertops serve you in the best way. As much as it has its benefits, there are some cons too. Despite having these negatives, it is still a top choice for most people. Now that you know all about granite, you can make the right decision. Still, the positives of granite countertops are enough to make the right decision.