Small Business

While running a small business is not the same as running a large one, one thing that’s important to any size business is pre-employment background checks. In fact, it could be argued that background checks are even more critical for small businesses than they are for their larger counterparts because one poor quality hire can have such a deleterious effect on a small business with few employees.

SMB background checks are essential for protecting your small business. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

Peace of Mind

Safeguarding your assets, employees, and customers requires background checks for all employees. With the help of reliable, thorough pre-employment background screens, you can verify the experience, training, and education of applicants, eliminate anyone with a criminal history that poses an undue risk to your organization, establish and maintain a drug-free workplace, confirm that an individual is eligible to work in the United States and stay compliant with regulations specific to your industry. Having an independent third-party run professional background checks on potential new hires gives employers peace of mind.


Many industries require employers to monitor employees. For example, individuals in transportation jobs regulated by the Department of Transportation must monitor their driving histories for accidents and moving violations, have regular health testing, and be subject to periodic drug screens. Professional background search agencies provide comprehensive industry-specific reporting that helps small businesses keep track of their employees and comply with industry regs. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here with reporting and tracking of your own; hire an experienced agency to handle all of it for you and use your scarce resources to do what you do best, whatever that may be.


As a small business owner and operator, you want to create an environment conducive to success. Making informed hiring decisions is critical to creating the atmosphere you’re striving for. You need to make certain that the people you hire – be it one person or 20 – are capable of doing the job you need them to do. When your employees can be successful, your company can be as well, and background checks are an important part of that equation.

Don’t Skip the Screen

Small business owners watch every dollar – some watch every penny. Every cent you spend must contribute to the success of your endeavor, or it’s wasted. Rest assured that dedicating resources to comprehensive, professional pre-employment background checks is a wise investment that will pay dividends at the bottom line as you and your team work to grow your business.