It’s a great choice to ditch the traditional flavors and get an almond cake for your kid’s birthday.

No part is complete without a cake, especially your little one’s birthday celebration. Not only is almond cake a unique pick, but also a healthier option. After all, almonds are packed with nutrients. 

Whether you are getting it customized or baking it yourself, you want your child’s birthday cake to be tasty, healthy and perfect looking. 

Quality almonds give the cake a healthy, rich flavor.

Here’s a guide to picking a dealicious, healthy almond birthday cake for your little one. 

Things to Consider When Picking an Almond Cake

Whether  you want a simple almond cake or a fancy one, you will first need an idea of the kind of cake you want to present during the party.

Consider these aspects to get clarity: 

Does it look good?

Your cake can look tempting and appetizing by its decoration. Since it is your kid’s birthday, you want the cake to be beautiful enough to attract attention. 

Make sure it is frosted perfectly. If you want a fancy one with your child’s favorite cartoon or sports team on it, then choose accordingly. 

Even a basic almond cake can be attractive if it is baked well. A well-baked cake rises completely. It is spongy, fluffy and velvety in texture. Sprinkle some powdered sugar, add some sweet treats or cover it with chocolate icing to give it an inviting appearance. 

Does it taste good? 

A good looking cake that tastes awful can spoil your child’s birthday party. Firstly, ensure the quality of the almond or almond flour is good. Sweetness must be balanced, else it will dissolve the taste of every other ingredient.

Does the flavor match your child’s liking?

Sweet chocolate or zesty lemons, pick your child’s favorite. Kids can be very picky when it comes to food. If your child dislikes plain almonds but enjoys chocolate coated ones, then you will have to plan the cake’s palate accordingly. 

From lemon almonds to smoked almonds, there are several flavors you can add to your cake to make it scrumptious

Tips to Pick Best Almonds for Your Almond Cake

Now that you know what type of almond cake you want, it will be easier to choose the right type of almonds.

Use Raw, Whole Almonds

Almonds are sold in a variety of forms including raw, roasted, and blanched versions. They are further divided into whole, sliced, salted, unsalted, and flavored. While roasted almonds are great as a snack, the raw variety is best for culinary purposes. Sliced one’s may sound perfect, but whole almonds are better to get a rich texture and taste.

Ensure Almonds Are Non-GMO Verified

When any food product is exposed to artificial elements and pesticides, it loses its natural taste and nutritional value. The same goes for almonds. Choose organic, non-GMO verified almonds infused with goodness.

Many varieties available in the market use GMO oils and artificial flavors, which messes with the product’s nutritional content. The increased unhealthy sugar levels makes it an unhealthy choice. 

Organically grown, raw almonds retain their rich flavor and texture, which will further enhance your cake’s taste.

If you’re not baking, make sure to choose organic almond cake bakers. 

Choose Fresh Almonds

As almonds age, they turn rancid. To check the quality of the almonds, slice the nut in half. If you find a yellowish pattern or texture, they’re old. Fresh almonds are solid, white throughout. In case of shelled almonds, if they rattle a lot then they are aged and old.

Although rancid almonds can be eaten, they are extremely bitter and can spoil the taste of your cake. 

Go For Naturally Flavored Almonds

There’s a range of flavored almonds available to give your basic almond cake a twist. From salted, sweet, to coated almonds, you can have them all. 

You can pick any flavor of your choice for an extraordinary taste. Lemon almonds add some zest to the usual cake. Vanilla and cinnamon almonds will give the cake sweet yet subtly spiced flavor. Likewise, you can also choose honey, orange, chocolate, chilli, and other flavored options for your cake. 

When shopping for them, beware of artificial sweeteners and flavors. They not only increase the sugar content but also impact the nutrients in the nut. Artificially flavored almonds typically have an oily, sticky texture. 

Always opt for ones infused with natural fruit and herb flavors.


Be it in their plain form or as a dessert, almonds are a nutritious choice. Use these tips for a healthy, tasty almond cake and make your child’s birthday extra special.