Quick tips to make your small apartment look bigger

It is quite common in big cities to see people owning a small apartment that costs more than a bungalow when purchasing in the suburbs. Metropolitan cities have bigger value for real estate as the demands are high! Filling the space with too many objects will cramp up the place making it look smaller and inconvenient.

Here are some tips that you can use to make your apartment look bigger,

The walls

Walls play a significant part in how your room looks and feels. Keep the wall’s color as neutral or simple as possible. Of course, white is always the safest option to make your room look bigger but, choosing neutral or lighter colors will also give you the same illusion as white.

Any room – big or small – will seem cluttered when painted with dark colors. Adding too many furniture items will also make it look messy. So, keep the walls simple and light!

The furniture

The best part of having light-colored walls is that you can experiment well with the furniture and other decorative items. Choose a bold color for your sofa or hang that statement piece of painting on the wall. Give the room a more natural look by placing some plants in the corners.

But remember to maintain the gap between the wall and the item you place close to it. Shoving the furniture to the wall to make space in between does not give you a pleasant view as much as maintaining spaces would.

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Let there be light

Every room does possibly have windows, unless you’re a vampire! Allow the natural light to flow into your room by using lighter curtains. Make sure to hang the curtain rod way above the window. It will not only make your room look taller, but your window will also look bigger.

Another aspect to consider are the artificial lights! During the evenings and the nights, anywhere you see a hint of darkness in the room will only make it look smaller. So, invest in some LED lights and place them around strategically to brighten up the entire place.

Simplicity at its best

Having too much of anything is always bad! Be it placing a lot of furniture or heavy looking objects, too many lights or darker looking color palette – all these aspects just throw off the room’s vibe. If you’re someone who is confused about how to decorate the room, know that minimalism is your best bet.

Choose chairs and a coffee table with more leg room. The more open the furniture is, the more spacious your room seems. If you love innovative furniture, then invest in a sofa that turns into a bed or the wardrobe that comes along with an iron board. Add some fun to your room with these creative products.

Final thoughts

Though we offer you lots of ideas, it is you who needs to envision your room. Search different platforms for interior designs online, consult a professional for a personalised help or just DIY it with your creative ideas. Afterall, the home expresses the personality of its owner!

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