Real Estate Marketing helps companies attract more stakeholders and drive them to conversion. In this process, from the listing of real estate to the service, everything needs to be properly planned. Several stages of efforts will put builders and real estate companies as leaders, as long as they follow solid plans.

How to create a Real Estate Marketing strategy?

Developing a Real Estate Marketing strategy requires studies, understanding the market, and structuring an effective dissemination and attraction work.

In addition, maintaining good practices in customer service and relationships is essential. To provide all this, it is essential to plan in stages, ensuring a quality positioning in the market.

Next, see how this strategy is created, going through the essential basis of Marketing applied to the real estate market.

Think about your audience

Who is your audience? First of all, a good search and definition of persona is a particular job that helps to define the average consumer of real estate services.

Your company will know what these people’s aspirations are, what they expect from your company and how they prefer to be treated in a relationship with a service provider.

When you understand your audience, your entire Marketing strategy starts to be more precisely targeted, shaped to the expectations and desires of that consumer. The chances of success are considerably increased this way.

Understand the market

The real estate market has its particularities, just like any other. To know how to strengthen your brand and better publicize the properties, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of all types of property, legal and bureaucratic issues related to purchasing, sale, and rent contracts, among other points. This is only the starting point for this sector.

The market also raises price changes, rates that affect values, commissions, and other financial mechanisms.

Dominating the market will help position ads, serve customers, and advertise properties in the right way, using the most appropriate tone and guiding the consumer in a precise way, which is fundamental in the relationship.


Looking good in real estate ads is to qualify your lead.

This is not a magic formula for real estate ads, but to be the best you can be when it comes to customer service, in this case, before it even becomes a customer of yours.

Real estate ads can and should be like lead magnets, and the better they are done, the better the quality of those leads and the likelihood of conversion into customers.

For these and other reasons, we have brought some important guidelines for you to put into practice when creating your ads and publicizing the properties in your portfolio.

How to create real estate ads that attract good leads

They say that “Done is better than perfect!”, But when it comes to advertising properties for sale or rent, that phrase does not apply.

Dedicate yourself to creating your ads. It may not be your favorite task, it takes a lot of time and energy to work, but the main tip you should follow is this.

Now, let’s get to the practical tips for creating good real estate ads.

Title of real estate ads – 

clear and objective

Property description – very complete!

The more complete, the more qualified the lead arrives for you.

Very complete. Be detailed and do not forget any information about the property.

In the description, you filter the lead well and lead it or not to the next step in the journey, nourishing it with information.

The photos of your real estate ad

Photos of well-lit and organized environments are ideal

For everything you are doing to read this topic, this tip: do not give up good images for your ads.

Contacts to know more about the property advertised

Make all possible contacts available to the lead, but highlight that you will be more agile in service.

Don’t forget that response time is decisive for converting this lead, so get organized to respond to everyone quickly. If you dedicate yourself to these four important points in a real estate ad, you are unlikely to attract fully disqualified leads through them.

Each step of buying and selling a property is done by a team of professionals specialized in what they do.

From the capture of the property from the owner, we ensure that he is the only one working on the sale of his property through the regularization of the property concerning documentation.

Subsequently, in real estate marketing and the promotion of this property on social networks, real estate portals, the network of partnerships, etc. With professional photos and advertisements very well done by Homer’s digital marketing team, until the signing of the contracts.

Here is a good opportunity to guarantee the quality of your real estate ads, therefore, to boost your sales.

Real Estate Marketing is essential for this sector, especially when these strategies are directed to digital channels.

As long as you know how to attract them and provide a complete experience. From preliminary information to a property visit.

So, if you know how to place budget orders, you have everything to gain more leads and generate conversions in Real estate Pakistan.