Growing Popularity of Mi TVs

Ask the majority of average Indian consumers which new smart TV they would like to buy, and they will probably mention Xiaomi’s Mi smart TV. For the last eight quarters (since Q2 of 2018) or so, Xiaomi has maintained the top smart TV brand position in India, and global sales are going up exponentially for the electronics manufacturer. 

Cracking the smart TV space in India, the company has risen above other popular brands like Sony and Samsung. This is a feat in itself for the Chinese brand that only hopes to grow larger, by introducing new AI and IoT trends across all its devices at competitive prices. 

You can’t even write it off as a “cheap” brand, because all products that say “Mi” are stylish, with superb specs, in a neat and affordable package. When the average Indian sees a good deal, there’s no stopping them from grabbing it. This is why Mi TVs are so popular with Indian consumers. 

Xiaomi’s Idea of Success

The category head for Xiaomi’s smart TVs in India, Eshwar Nilakantan, recently had something to state about the much sought-after Mi smart TV. He said that while any company can make an Android TV, making the total “experience” is the key aspect of a TV from Xiaomi. 

In this, Xiaomi is ahead of the competition. According to IDC (tracker for smart home devices), Xiaomi was the leading brand offering smart TVs in India in 2020. The statistics are compelling; for every smart TV of another brand sold, there’s a Mi smart television being sold too.

Xiaomi, smart TV or otherwise, enjoys 30% of the market share, and 50% of market share where smart TVs are concerned. The 32-inch models are the drivers of volume in sales, as Indians find this size compact for smaller homes, yet big enough to meet entertainment demands. 


In a Mi TV, 43 inches is also a popular size, as Indians think this size is a comfortable middle ground between the compact 32-inch model, and the larger 50-inch plus models. It was predicted that Mi TVs wouldn’t sell when they first entered the market, as Indians wouldn’t be prone to viewing internet-based content. This, however, was proved wrong, and Mi smart TVs are in demand with Indian users. 

The Smartness of Mi

What is the secret recipe for Mi smart TV’s success? Between 2017 and 2018, Indian consumers were consuming data that was inexpensive and had speed. Reliance Jio played a vital role in this trend, but because of its valuable input, everything else that was data-driven followed its lead. The Indian consumers had become enlightened to content and content streaming. 

Beginning mainly with YouTube, gradually Hotstar came into the picture, and Indians in the millions were streaming events like IPL. The market was still untapped at this time, and the Mi smart TV came out with its great display quality, and advanced hardware, with affordable TVs that Indians lapped up.

When the Mi TV (4) came out, it was too good to be true — a 55-inch 4K HDR smart TV for 39,000 INR was unbelievable. More inexpensive options were to follow, like the Mi TV 43-inch model. Many brands didn’t make smart TVs in smaller screen sizes that Indians wanted. Some still don’t. At this time, Mi TVs were sold on e-commerce portals only. The company realized that they could tap a larger segment if they went offline as well. It did exactly that and Mi TV sales grew further. 

Hassle-free Purchases

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