T-Shirt Printing Services

This year, Singapore’s clothing manufacturers were remarked once again as one the best global providers for custom t-shirt printing. Here are the top reasons designers and retailors should consider custom printing Singapore for their next t-shirt order!


Professional consultation with online Singaporean clothing manufacturers can turn a design into real art sketches if a designer or retailer does not already have a print design to provide upon inquiry or submission. These graphic professionals will take the time to discuss design desires in-depth to make it into an advertisable and marketable reality. This includes implementing business colors and finding businesses a suitable material and printing method with financial considerations to balance design with a budget. Free visual mock-ups are provided to inquiries to approve the design to print or if further modifications are needed. Satisfaction is guaranteed before production when choosing custom printing Singapore.

Price Transparency

Most online Singaporean clothing manufacturers do not have a minimum order; if they do, it can be as low as ten t-shirts. Combined with fast responsiveness and lead time, inquirers can expect a quick turnaround of an itemized expectation for the price per t-shirt, which can be as low as $2-$5 per piece, that will be sure to beat leading market prices and turn a profit for retailers. Unlike other wholesale factories, choosing a Singaporean vendor for custom t-shirt printing has cost controls to ensure that inquirers get the best t-shirt price without compromising quality in fabric or ink.

Modernized Solutions

Some online Singaporean custom t-shirt vendors will also allow external business campaigns to be advertised on their best site, which comes with a free trial – an exclusive option to maximize sales and marketing across different platforms. A time-saving option for inquiries as invoicing is duplicated between the retailer and vendor where the Singaporean manufacturer will take care of initiation, picking, packing, and shipping. With quick processing and shipping times, retailers will get the inventory they need with minimal wait time, usually 1 to 6 business days, which increases customer satisfaction after resale. Plus, design and quality are guaranteed, so if stock arrives at the retailer or a custom t-shirt printing is delivered to a customer and does not meet standards, no- and low-cost returns and replacements are available only with custom printing Singapore!

Vast Product Categories

Custom t-shirt printing can incorporate organic materials rather than industrial cotton to maximize t-shirt quality and expand profit potential for retailers. All t-shirts can be ordered with gender-specific (i.e., male or female) or gender-neutral (i.e., unisex) sizing to be tailored to fit natural curvatures or general market favorites. Sizing for kids is also available to expand sales beyond adult consumers. Retailers can customize t-shirt characteristics, such as choosing short-, long-, or double-sleeves, collar, cuffs, and plackets, when choosing custom printing Singapore. Hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, and totes can easily be crafted using the same designs and materials, so custom printing is not singled to t-shirts alone! Lamination, gloss, sparkles, and an array of eye-catching features can also be placed on top of designs and logos to make products stand out. So many options and potential are available in one place, and that is custom printing in Singapore.


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