Reglaze Glasses

In case all that you need is a replacement of your glasses lenses, instead of buying a new pair of glasses, the ideal thing to do would be to send your existing pair for reglazing. 

Reglaze glasses service has made glasses more accessible and affordable and it is one of the most amazing innovations that the eyewear industry has seen. By opting for it, you can not only save extra bucks but also enjoy the company of your favourite frames for a much longer duration. 

To know about the replacement options for your lenses when you send them for reglazing, read on. 


Reglaze glasses will ensure that you get an affordable upgrade to varifocals as a new pair of varifocal glasses might be a little expensive. But reglaze service lets you make significant savings as your existing frames remain and it is just the lenses that are replaced. If you do require a pair of varifocal glasses and already have an existing pair, it is recommended that you send your existing pair for reglazing.

Varifocal glasses correct the defects of both nearsightedness and farsightedness by using three visibility zones, each of them assigned for separate distances – covering near, intermediate, and far.

The reading glasses for women that I recently bought use varifocal lenses. Varifocal glasses serve both as reading glasses as well as glasses for distance vision by providing eyesight correction for things close up, far away, and anything in between.

Anti-glare Coating

You might have experienced glare at various occasions in your day-to-day life, but it is more commonly encountered during activities like driving, sports, fishing, etc.

Glare is experienced, when the horizontal component of light reflected off a surface strikes our eyes, resulting in a blurry vision. This is where the role of anti-glare coating comes into play as they use an anti-reflective coating that blocks the reflected light from passing through the lenses, and hence eliminates glare. Glasses with anti-glare coating is recommended for all as glare can occur at any time of the day.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue light blocking glasses are a necessity for all those who face digital screens on a daily basis. Well, this applies to most of us.  

While using our digital screens, we are at close proximity to the source of blue light and excessive exposure in such a case can result in conditions like eye strain with symptoms like dry eyes, fatigue, headaches, etc. To keep your productivity level high, remember to put on a pair of blue light blocking glasses the next time you face a digital screen.

Blue light blocking glasses – also known as computer glasses – come with blue light protective lenses that use a coating to filter out the blue light incident on them from passing through and striking our eyes. 

Whether you have an excessive exposure to digital screens or not, putting on a pair of blue light blocking glasses while using a digital screen is a great preventive measure. If your existing glasses are not equipped with blue light protective coating, you can send them for reglazing to get them upgraded with one.

UV Protective Coating

Yes, we are talking about sunglasses – a daily essential. It needs to be noted that they are not just meant to be worn during summers because the sun shines all year round, making sunglasses an all-season accessory. 

Talking about their function, the major function of sunglasses is to provide protection from the harmful UV rays, with variants like polarised sunglasses also performing the function of glare elimination, along with UV protection. And when it comes to style, sunglasses are in a league of their own and is said to be one of the most sought after fashion accessories in present times

For an elegant upgrade to your outdoor style game and to keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays, you even have the option of getting the clear lenses of your existing glasses replaced with that of tinted lenses that sunglasses come with. Look out for the lenses that provide both UVA and UVB protection, i.e, 100% UV protection.

Transition Lenses

With transition lenses around, you no longer need to carry two separate pairs of eyewear – glasses and sunglasses – for both your outdoor and indoor usage. A single pair of glasses fitted with transition lenses will serve the function of both glasses and sunglasses.

Designed in a way that they automatically change their colour according to the intensity of light falling on their surface, transition lenses are super cool. The advanced nature of transition lenses and the fact that they serve as 2-in-1 lenses make them a little expensive. You can opt for reglaze glasses service to make incredible savings.

In the UK, reglaze glasses service have become very popular, and people are opting for it in increasing numbers. If you too want to avail its benefits, go ahead without any doubt.

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