Rent Exotic Cars

What’s a great way to see New York City? You might think of hiring a cab or maybe try the city’s public transport system. That’s fine. But, how about renting a car and driving around the streets of this glitzy city?

Even if you are in the city for a couple of days, you can still take the pleasure of moving around independently in the city. No hassles of waiting for a cab or rushing to a subway. Those of you planning an elaborate trip to the Big Apple must seriously rent exotic cars, especially if you wish to dine in Manhattan and catch the breathtaking view of Brooklyn Bridge.

New York in a rented car

It’s a beautiful experience – something you may want to cherish forever! You can drive around to different neighborhoods of the city with more freedom. You can even explore places where public transport is usually not available.

Discover the wilder side of the city, hang out at exclusive places, go on a long drive at night hours.

All this can be difficult when you are dependent on cabs or buses.

Who can rent a car in New York?

Anybody above 18 can rent a car in NYC. However, certain “exotic car rentals near mehave their own criteria. For example, one of the prestigious rentals requires you to be above 21 to rent a Mercedes Benz AMG G63 from them. If you are below 21, you must pay a certain fee as an inexperienced driver charges.

This holds true for rentals who provide exotic cars. There are certain stricter rules to rent luxury vehicles than ordinary ones. So, if you wish to drive around in a swanky Mercedes or a posh Bentley, you need to be clear about the terms and conditions of the rental service.

What is driving like in NYC?

Wonderful! But not always though. Depending on the street you choose, you might face some traffic during peak hours. The driving rate is slower in New York state than in other areas. The maximum speed goes to 55mph unless otherwise stated. On certain highways, you might need to slow down to 40 mph.

The off-peak hours are good if you wish to let your car roar on the streets.

However, remember that New York features cashless tolling. Cameras are fitted at certain spots that click a picture of your car’s number plate. You might get a ticket for speeding. This doesn’t sound good when you are driving a rented car. The rental service might charge you for violations.

For the best experience in renting cars, choose only the best exotic car rental in Islip, NY.

Smart tips

  • Fill up the tank before you drop off the car at the rental location.
  • Have your credit card on file so that you get a full refund of your security deposit.
  • Save yourselves from paying extra for a driver. Instead, drive the car yourselves. It adds thrill to your trip. Besides, driving a luxury car makes for a style statement on the road.

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