Cleaning always plays an essential part in living a healthy lifestyle. A clean environment provides us with a healthy workspace that will benefit both our souls and our minds. However, it is indeed a fact that cleaning can also bring up tedious tasks that some of us can’t handle. Some also can’t drive themselves to clean and devote their time to it because of their tight and hectic schedule. But, because of these problems, vacuum cleaners were invented. This innovation was already in use since the technological era has started. Hence, the problem was that as the times flew, other technologies outgrew it, and as a result, to innovate once more was the challenge. 

Many advancements apply to create the ultimate vacuums which are up to the task while working efficiently and effectively. Robot vacuum cleaners were the result. This advanced technological device rocked the market, especially for consumers who have tight schedules at work, leaving no time for cleaning. With robot enhanced features, this automated vacuum cleaner will surely be the most advanced device that will be the perfect cleaning aid for our homes.

What is a Robovac?

Robot vacuum cleaner, known as robovac, is a device designed to elevate the ordinary wired vacuum cleaners. Wired vacuums are much more of a hassle than modern vacuum cleaners, which are wireless and rechargeable. This robotic device allows you to program a schedule by which the vacuum will clean the surface of your floors to remove accumulated specks of dust and dirt. 

Based on that program, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically do its task at the designated time that it was programmed to do so. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners where you will plug it in, then turn it on and start cleaning of your own accord, this robovac will clean your home with you not doing anything at all. Just program the device, then you’re all set, worry-free, and dust-free.

ROBOVAC: The Origin

Discovered in 1996, the first robot vacuums, Trilobite, were invented by a tech company under the name Electrolux. However, the start did not go smoothly as they expected it to be. The price for a robovac back then was a collective amount of dime that no one could afford; that is why it had no place in the market. Fast-forward to 2002, iRobot, another technology-inclined company, released their take on a robot vacuum cleaner represented by the Roomba. 

It is an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner invented to refurbish the identity of robovacs, and they did not disappoint. They continuously released several models of the Roomba to satisfy the concerns of their consumers, each model designed to improve the previous one. Recently, popular phone manufacturing brands, namely Xiaomi and Realme, also produced robot vacuum cleaners. However, tough competitors like Neato, Bissell, and Wyze, make it hard for these brands to tinker in the market. Nevertheless, robovacs today are well defined and are fully improved compared to their past models.

How does a Robovac Operate?

Robot vacuum cleaners have been in store for many years now but have only gained popularity across the globe recently. The reason behind this is the integration of up-to-date features that have improved its performance since then. One example is the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) laser. The LiDAR, also found in self-driven cars, enables a robovac to map the floor of the premises that it needs to clean. 

The map of its corresponding app on your smartphone can be seen and accessed. From there, we can choose a specific point on our home that the robovac should clean on defined schedules. With the presence of Lithium-ion batteries, it will last long while cleaning the dirty spaces that we can’t reach. It also comes with a wheel system that serves as the dirt-collecting mechanism that is in the robovac. Because it has a programmable function, surely it will leave no space uncleaned.

The Problem with Pets (fur and stuff) – Solved

With pets, no one can resist their cuteness and fluffiness, especially with dogs and cats. But when we look at the floor, hairs and fur are everywhere. Dealing with this can be tedious because it is easily blown away by just a touch of air. Sweeping it will only cause trouble. But no worries, robovacs’ has got you covered. With recent technologies applied to this device, many modifications were done to come up with solutions to problems like this. Models of robovacs were invented and produced for homeowners with pets. This special function will leave you with no worries because it cleans up everything, including your pets’ mess. Robot vacuum cleaners are incredible.

Is Affordability Sacrificed?

No. Robot vacuum cleaners, given their spectacular functions, are still affordable. It may be expensive for some, but with the specifications it has, the prices are reasonable. The price ranges from $200 to $1000. If affordable is what you’re looking for, go with minimal robovacs, but if you want it to have specialized functions worth investing in, then go for exquisite ones. Nevertheless, a robovac is still a robovac.


Innovative concepts are hard to construct. However, it is easier when the purpose is to solve an existing problem in society. More likely, robot vacuum cleaners are for people who don’t have the luxury of time for a cleaning because of their busy timeline. With fast-paced growth ahead of us, we can equip ourselves with such technology, which, sooner or later, will be the primary necessity that the world will need. 

Robovacs are a necessity for people with cases stated above, with no time to spare. With lesser work, compared to ordinary vacuum cleaners, robovacs provide a more comfortable and convenient experience than many consumers look for nowadays. To conform to existing technology and drifting into a new and advanced device is the trend robot vacuum cleaners are on top of the list. Convenience – the definition of technology – should be the leading initiative and robovac has it all. So, why not invest? Besides, it would be a worthwhile investment for your homes. Read more articles at secryfilm.