Nowadays the burden of many things has been put on the students. School is a temple of education, where children are no longer considered students but animals, on which a lot of burden related to studies is given and it is expected that they will become a great scholar at a young age. It is pushing children towards depression at a very young age these days. The burden of heavy school bags on the back, no time to play, the burden of parents’ expectations and the pressure of coming first in the class, all this is making the children silent and introverted instead of making them happy for their age. Because no one asks these children what they want. What makes them happy? So, what is it that can develop the talent of the children and also keep the mind of the children engaged in studies? That is extra-curricular activities.

This work can be done best by the counsellor or teacher. They should keep assessing the mental state of the children from time to time. Whenever the teacher is in the classroom, they should pay attention to what other tasks the children are better at apart from studies. It is very important for the students that they should also enjoy their study time in their classroom in school or colleges. Today, wherever we go to find a job, apart from our educational qualifications, it is also seen in our resume that how we have been in extra-curricular activities because it directly reflects our ability. We can handle situations other than just working or how versatile we are, it becomes clear knowledge to the interviewer.

Apart from studies, some children are good in singing, some in sports, some in art, some are very good speakers, some play very good cricket, some are very good swimmers, some children are good at maths from the beginning. Not only do they have interest but they are also very quick in mathematical calculations. But it is not only the teacher or co-counsellor’s responsibility to nurture these talents, parents should also pay attention to the children at home. In each of their small and big activities, it should be noted that in which activity these children are very adept on their own without any help.

It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers and counsellors to take special care that whatever extra-curricular activities the children are proficient in, should be encouraged and the relevant material should be made available to those children. It has a profound effect on the mental state of the children. Every child gets tired, depressed and irritated because of continuous studies. To awaken interest in them back to studies, it is necessary that their mental state should be lightened, such as if the child has got any musical instrument to play like tabla or flute or drum, then by playing it the child forgets all his tiredness. After getting lost in the tune of that instrument, they feel very relaxed and good. Or which child does not like to play, so they should take some time off from studies and let them play their favourite game to the fullest so that they can become more proficient in that game and maybe later they can become so much better that through this game they can present their country at the international level.

Now this work has become even easier, children do not even have to go anywhere and with the help of online classes, children can learn many such extra-curricular activities and in a better way, in which many apps are also helping especially like Classroom App. Classroom App provides children with live classes and other great features so that children can learn important things related to music, or science or any other subject. Children are most happy that they do not have to go anywhere nor do they have to be tied in the shackles of school discipline. They enjoy the sessions of these extra-curricular activities after their studies and feel healthy both physically and mentally. That is why parents and teachers should continue to encourage children in such activities as much as possible. It is very important for children to be happy and healthy as students, which is possible only through extra-curricular activities. When children get so much support from all sides, they also pay attention to the fact that they have to work hard in studies and get good marks and bring laurels to their teachers and their parents.