The hard drive used on the server is known as the server hard disk. If a server is the core of network data, the server hard drive is the core of the data warehouse, counting all applications and data. For daily users, the reliability of a hard drive is vital as it contains a huge amount of necessary information and data. To have high speed and to make the drive function efficiently, with a huge amount of data in an extensive working-hours environment, the server uses the SAS hard disk due to its security and stable features.

Seagate has introduced its SAS hard drive for enhanced capacity. The higher capacity and performance of the Seagate ST3600057SS 15K.7 drive reduces storage cost per GB and enhances per watt capacity. This device has an industry-leading reliability rating, decreasing drive replacement costs. The Seagate SAS 15K.7 drive contains power trim technology, which improves drive power consumption at all levels. In this post, we will review the Seagate SAS server hard drive-in detail.

About Seagate ST360057SS Server Hard Drive

The Cheetah 15K from Seagate offers the highest capacity (600 GB). With the highest integrity rating, it is available with a 4-Gb/s FC or a 6-Gb/s SAS interface. As it is the highest-performing 3.5-inch hard drive, it decreases RAID reconstruct times whereas minimizing reliability risks. The Cheetah 15K hard drive is SAS 2.0-compliant and provides a SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) option delivering instant secure erase and government-grade security for drives returned or repurposed for expired lease, warranty, or repair.

What’s New in this Device?

According to tech experts, Seagate 15K SAS is the best hard drive-in terms of best performance, highest capacity with field-proven reliability. It provides high performance and optimized power consumption that businesses need for challenging tasks, including:

  • (DAS) Direct Attached Storage
  • (NAS) Network-attached Storage
  • (SAN) Storage Area Networks
  • Mainstream and high-performance external storage and enterprise servers


  • Cache Size: 16
  • Form Factor: 3.5-Inch
  • Hard Disk Size: 600 GB
  • Hard Disk Form Factor: 3.5 Inches
  • Model Name: Cheetah 15K.7
  • Hard Disk Interface: Serial Attached SCSI
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 600 GB
  • Category: Seagate Hard Drive
  • Part Number: ST3600057SS
  • Spindle speed: 15000RPM
  • Enclosure: Internal
  • Data Transfer Rate: 600MB/s
  • Seek Time: 3.4ms

Key Advantages

  • Extraordinary performance along with sustained data rate of 204MB/s; a 16% rise over the last generation
  • Third-gen perpendicular recordings deliver 600GB
  • Self-Encrypting FIPS Drive selection delivers all the advantages of SED as well, as it is NIST proficient to meet the requirement of US, UK, and Canada federal data encoding compliance
  • It is one of the coolest and most cost-effective security measures one can implement
  • At 1.6-million-hours MTBF, it has the industry’s leading 3.5” drive reliability

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Best Fit Applications

  • Transaction and business processing
  • Drive life extension and retirement cost reduction strategies
  • Government-grade, data-at-rest safety when hard drives leave your control
  • E-mail, E-commerce, Internet, and decision support
  • Networked attached storage and storage area networks

Final Verdict

The Seagate SAS hard drive is ideal for transaction and business processing, e-mail, storage area networks, decision support, e-commerce, and Internet applications. Having a rotational speed of 15,000 RPM, this hard drive offers fast disk access and a transfer rate of 6Gbps. Seagate continues to focus on data protection and reliability, producing a number of high-end products. Moreover, it is hot-swapped, which means it can be simply removed from your computer without any need for shutting down. We hope that you enjoyed this review. Please wait till we come with another one.