Do you want to be carried away in the city of Batman, Gotham, or spend some time with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, or several other incredible characters? Regardless of who is your favourite, it is simply undebatable that comic books, with their extensive range of genres and aesthetically pleasing colours, have a huge fan base across the world. So, if you are residing in Central Park City Walk and a die-heart fan of comic books, this blog is a treasure for you.

List of comic book stores in Dubai

In 1933, the first-ever comic book, Famous Funnies, was launched. Since then, it has become one of the most famous categories of storytelling in the modern era. The enticing art and catchy text make it highly appealing for the comic-lovers.


These are the finest spots to buy the latest and oldest editions of all types of comic books in Dubai:

Geek Nation

Geek Nation is one of the most popular spots among comic book addicts and gamers. This comic book shop has multiple outlets across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a fortune of  Pop culture items.


The offering of this store is not limited to comic books and graphic novels, and it also offers tees, beanies, mugs, jackets, and a couple of other products.

Comic Stop

Comic Stop is a major player in the comic book industry and is considered one of the finest comic book stores in Dubai. The shop has a wide range of comics, graphic novels, and products to satisfy their many faithful customers’ needs.


The great thing about these comics spots in Dubai is that they are continuously restocking and updating their inventory, so there’s always something fresh to see when you stop by. Keep up with their new collections by following them on social media.

Books Kinokuniya Dubai

As can be depicted from the name Books Kinokuniya Dubai, it is a Japanese international bookseller with its headquarters in Tokyo. This mammoth store contains almost half a million comics, making sure that no genre is left out. You can find new and old comic books from the top publishers over here.


Aside from being one of Dubai’s best bookstores, it also serves as a cultural centre where readers can attend various exciting activities. Demonstrations of comic art, language seminars, and book releases are among the activities.

Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore is a local entertainment chain with more than 40 stores in the Middle East and North Africa. It offers a wide range of comics and graphic novels.

Speedy Comics

Speedy Comics is the comic book store for you if you’re searching for a large collection of classic and new comics. This nerd paradise focuses on comic products and collectables in addition to the comics themselves.


Marvel and DC favourites and a wide variety of Mangas are available at the Speedy Comics store in Dubai. Funko POPs and extremely detailed action figures are among the store’s other offerings that could appeal to comic book fans.

Comic Central Dubai

Explore a large range of comic books at Comic Central Dubai in the JLT region. Manga fans flock to the store because it houses an impressively large selection of manga. A wide variety of figurines, anime, and other pop culture collectables are also available to visitors.


COMICAVE is a pop culture retail chain that sells a wide range of high-end collectables, clothing, novelty pieces, and other related items. COMICAVE is ideal for fans of action figures, prop replicas, model sets, art posters, and a wide variety of comic books.


No language can leave a better impact than the mother tongue. In order to address the Arabic audience more effectively, this place also offers Arabic translated comics. If you want to look at their collection, make the best out of their website and place your orders online.

Where to find the most affordable books in Dubai?

If you love to read, then you must consider yourself lucky to be in Dubai. Numerous places in this area offer pocket-friendly and affordable books. The best part about these places is they cover a vast range of genres ensuring everything is covered.

What are the ideal places for gamers in Dubai?

If you want to cherish video games in Dubai, you will be spoiled for options. Famous places such as Que Club, Golden Hall Cafe, Ground Zero Gaming and the list goes on and on.


Get your Central Park City Walk and revive your comic fever.

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