Carbon Footprint

Every day, we engage in a wide range of activities that directly damage our environment. Humans are an essential component of the environment and have the largest ecological imprint. We have reorganized every aspect of existence on our earth. This has influenced Human evolution, from our earliest ancestors to our current selves, and we have come a long way in over two million years of evolution. 

From developments in human social behaviour to new feats in numerous sectors, we are continually striving to improve civilization’s standard of living. On the other hand, we are directly linked to the environment, and our well-intentioned activities have far-reaching consequences for the entire environment and ecosystem. Human activities are contributed to harming the environment for thousands of years. You can track your carbon impact by using the best carbon footprint calculator. Have you ever thought about how your daily activities harm the environment and what you leave behind for your future generation? If you really want to save the earth, it is better to start with yourself. Have a look at your activities that directly or indirectly puts a bad impact on the environment!

  • Pollution:

Did you know, that the presence of poisonous gases in the air increase air pollution on our planet?. Overpopulation has resulted in significant air pollution, particularly due to the manufacturing plants and usage of automobiles for transportation. Are you aware that the emission of your vehicle gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide forces us to breathe air contaminated with pollutants and hazardous compounds? It contributes to a variety of medical ailments, including cardiovascular disorders and respiratory. Not only the transports and factories but your household acts also produce smoke like burning coal, fuel used for cooking, use of chemicals and pesticides, and different kinds of mosquito repellent. Your actions that affect the environment not only contribute to water pollution, and soil and air pollution but also become a threat to the human species.

  • Deforestation:

Deforestation is the process of removing trees from a forest and converting the land for non-forest use. As you know, due to the growing population the necessity of a house increased day by day. Consequently, vast deforestation has occurred to create buildings for the people which put has negative environmental effects. Cutting down trees to make more land available owing to population growth and the establishment of new companies has resulted in an ecological system imbalance, resulting in a fall in oxygen levels. Deforestation has a number of negative consequences, including reduced oxygen levels, increased greenhouse gas emissions, increased soil erosion risk, and the elimination of animal habitats. 

  • Habitat Loss:

Due to their natural habitat being constantly destroyed and endangered, wildlife conservation is getting more difficult. Habitat loss is primarily caused by water pollution and deforestation. Although deforestation provides bountiful territory for humans, it also leaves wildlife homeless.

These are some of your activities that impact the environment. With the help of my carbon footprint, you can take a step closer to environmental protection.