grow your business with chicago dedicated server

Businesses have begun to adapt to online platforms to sell their businesses as the globe swiftly transforms into a tech-based culture. More enterprises of today and tomorrow are creating websites that attract a vast number of online users, as there is a tectonic shift in the organic traffic. With more traffic, any business requires more resources that help accelerate and sustain in the longer run. 

Therefore, the Chicago Dedicated Servers are meant for you that offer enriching UI and UX features, and much more. Let’s understand what is a dedicated server and why do you need one to scale your business – 

What is Dedicated Server Chicago

This is a physical server that a hosting firm offers for rent to businesses. Choosing this dedicated server means you are having access to all resources individually and you won’t be sharing with any other user. Compared to a shared server, your data may be on brink of theft as you would be sharing a hosting server with other users that operate and sustains on the same platform.

When do you need a Dedicated Server?

Let’s look at the five reasons why you need a dedicated server in Chicago now that we’ve looked at what a dedicated server is and what it does.

Increased Security

Security is the most important USP of any data-oriented firm or business that needs to scale its operation as the online marketplace. With the best-dedicated servers in Chicago, all your confidential pool of data is secure. Switching to the shared server means you are more prone to hacks, malware, trojans, and another virus, that operates as a breeding ground for hacking. 

Any hosting firm with a Chicago Dedicated server won’t involve their users in platform upgradations, and firewall installations. With shared servers, users get a fair involvement with firewall and security upgrades, leading your important client’s data left to fend for itself. 

Dedicated Server has an altogether different outlook. A dedicated hosting firm briefs you with notifications and updates that are available for configuration on your website. When you are in complete control of your server’s security, next, you will be the server specialist that manages your dedicated servers while you have your focus back on your business. This is the control you need for your business during security upgrades and configuring new applications on your server. 

Improved Page Loading Times

According to statistics, a website’s load time of fewer than three seconds will deter visitors from spending additional time learning about your product on your ePlatform. A page that takes more time to load has a not-so-great impact on your business when a vast number of users actually leave your webpage at an early stage without buying anything have a considerable impact on your revenues. 

You can scale the load time for your webpage with the help of dedicated servers in Chicago. The dedicated servers have a system in place to manage the traffic and save your platform from the crash

Overall, better results

Dedicated server Chicago companies give their customers a private platform with no shared resources. If you come with any shared server, the dedicated or private servers are more prone to scalability and are built for high-speed performance. On the other hand, the cloud-based server offers greater storage but does not offer any concrete solution to your business. You need a dedicated server for an impactful and high-performing platform. 


Dedicated servers, as opposed to shared servers, are more cost-effective and provide higher long-term value as the entire business operation and scalability is handled by the dedicated hosting service provider. Simply put, dedicated hosting is not just cheap ut also offers an auto-pilot server barring any hassles of maintaining. 

Introduction: Serverwala Cloud Data Center


Workloads with us can be deployed across over 100 data centers across six regions and 58 availability zones throughout the world. Serverwala provides a variety of options for where and how your data and workloads run, including local access, low latency, and verified security. Applications and databases can be made highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable using the availability zone concept.


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grow your business with chicago dedicated server

Plans and Packages of Serverwala Chicago Dedicated Server 

The Serverwala Chicago dedicated Server offers a variety of hosting options. You have the ability to modify your resources as well as a variety of other features. The Serverwala’s plans and packages can simply be scaled to meet your specific company needs. You will receive technical help from the company’s pros with each Dedicated cheap hosting solution.

Customer review

You might know everything there is to know about Dedicated  Hosting, from the fundamentals to the advanced. If you’re still undecided about whether or not to invest in Serverwala’s Dedicated Hosting services, read what others have to say. As a result, you’ll learn about what customers think about Serverwala’s services.


It may be worthwhile to upgrade to a cheap dedicated server in Chicago if a website is having problems keeping up with rising visitor activity. This is the hosting solution that not only serves the website privately but also enhances the loading speed of your platform.