Shilajit for weight loss

The magical properties of Ayurvedic plants are well-known. Ayurvedic herbs do take time to function, but their effects are long-lasting. Several ayurvedic herbs might help you lose weight. There is a huge weight-loss fad going on right now. People experiment with various Ayurveda herbs, medications, and weight-loss tips. Shilajit is the greatest weight-loss supplement. Even people having pain in bones can also consume shilajit. Shilajit for bones is also recommended by many doctors. 

For thousands of years, Shilajit has been used as a herbal medication. It is recognized to have a wide range of health benefits for the body. Shilajit can help you lose weight in a variety of ways. It causes a significant improvement in your cellular activities, resulting in a rise in energy levels.

Shilajit for Weight Loss – How Does it Work?

Shilajit can help you lose weight in various ways if you use it regularly. Even though adopting it as a weight loss remedy is a relatively new health fad, shilajit may be one of the world’s oldest weight loss cures. Shilajit is classified as ‘lekhaniya’ in ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, which essentially translates as a natural ingredient with fat-burning properties.

Our forefathers did not use shilajit to tone their muscles for no reason. Obese participants who took pure and organic shilajit responded better to exercise than those who did not. Shilajit heavy metals are the one which you should check out before consuming it. 

According to the researchers, Shilajit helped participants respond to training routines in two ways: first, by preventing fatigue, and second, by boosting specific genes involved in skeletal muscle adaptation. Shilajit also boosts our metabolism, which aids in fat burning. Shilajit helps our bodies break down and use extra fat by increasing our metabolic rate.

How to Take Shilajit for Weight Loss?

Pure shilajit from the unpolluted Himalayan hills is the finest approach to reap the benefits of shilajit. Shilajit that has been processed may contain extra compounds that reduce its efficacy.

Shilajit powder is the most common form of organic shilajit. You may easily dissolve it in your favourite beverage and drink it. You can make a pre-workout drink by mixing it with water, milk, or smoothies.While organic shilajit is adaptable and may be mixed with various drinks or consumed on its own, pairing it with certain meals can help your body absorb it more effectively.

Shilajit can be taken in several different ways. Shilajit should be taken with the ensuing mixtures to boost the delivery of adaptogenic effects to the body:

  • Shilajit with Clarified Ghee
  • Shilajit and Hot Milk
  • Shilajit with sesame oil
  • Organic raw honey with Shilajit


Although shilajit offers numerous health benefits, it should not be consumed if you have an active cardiac problem. Raw shilajit is heavy in iron and harms your health. Consume just the refined form. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid Shilajit.


Shilajit is great for weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you should sit around after taking it and wait for the magic to happen; instead, you should get back on your feet and do aerobic activities in addition to the shilajit. It will work wonders in terms of shifting your weight to the left.