Signs You Need To Hire Roofing Contractor for Roof Replacement

Ignoring the visible signs of roof replacement can end up with whole other problems that are both expensive and hectic to deal with.

That is why we are shortlisting the obvious signs that point towards that you need a roof replacement. The following signs are the reasons you should hire a roofing contractor in MA for roof replacement:

Damaged Shingles

The biggest indication of roof replacement is the condition of shingles themselves. If any one of them is missing, has curling edges, or has dents and missing granules, it probably means the condition of the roof is getting worse.

Now, if that’s the case with you, hire roofing contractors in Boston and let them inspect to see if you need simple repairs or a complete replacement. If they point towards getting a roof replacement, don’t ignore the suggestion because these damages can even turn fatal in the future.

Ice Damming

If you start to see the formation of ice dams on the roof, it is probably the issue of the ventilation system. This ventilation issue can melt the snow on the roof to run-off the edge. In some cases, it can also enter into the gutter system and freeze there.

Other than that, this froze ice can damage the roof materials, and enable the water to enter the inner layer of the house. When this happens, it is just a matter of time that you’ll need a roof replacement.

Discoloration of Walls & Ceilings

Are you seeing water stains on your roof or ceiling? Or hearing water-dropping noises from the ceiling? This is probably because of the leak your roof has. If that’s the case, check the insulation on the attic first, if it seems soggy, then the damage is more severe than what you anticipated.

It is dangerous to walk on the roof during such a problem. So, if you have found any soft sections on the roof, consult roofing contractors in Boston Ma to get a roof replacement.

Unwanted Growth of Plants & Algae

The growth of moss or other plants looks stunning in a garden or a yard, but if they are growing on the roof, it is an alarming situation. It indicates that the roof has locked-in and trapped moisture in it that can cause severe damage to it.

Firstly, try to dust away the moss with a stiff brush, but if it comes back often, it is time to consult contractors like Melo’s Construction. They can help you to determine whether you need a roof replacement or not.

Also, look for any color change on the roof, which is an indication of algae growth and requires roof repair or replacement.

Clogged Gutters

If you see any pieces of shingles or granules in the gutter while cleaning them, it indicates the roof materials are deteriorating. When this happens, it isn’t safe anymore to ignore the roof damages. Contact your close by roofing contractors in Peabody MA to fix the problem right away.

The roof is the primary component of any house. It protects you from various external factors, so ensuring it stays in good condition is necessary. The damaged roof does not only cause harm to the materials but can turn fatal as well.


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