Applying for something new usually comes with a lot of anticipation and excitement. And it is only natural to be curious about its status or whereabouts. If you have applied for a driving licence, you would want to know the driving licence application status.

Knowing your driving licence application status will help you know when to expect your driver’s licence. But before you can do that, you would need to apply for one. Here is everything that you ought to know about the process and how to check its status.

Why Driving Licence?

Learning how to drive or ride a vehicle is only the first step in the world of driving. Merely knowing to drive is not enough for you to take the vehicle on the road. To be legally able to drive or ride a vehicle on the roads, you need to have a valid driver’s licence. 

Obtaining a driving licence ensures that you are aware of the different traffic rules, can read and understand different traffic symbols. And more importantly, you keep the roads safe for yourself and others. 

Also, it is mandatory to drive or ride with a driving licence. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates drivers or riders to have a valid licence on them. Driving without a licence can attract hefty fines.

Driving Licence Application

There are two steps to getting your hands on a driving licence. At first, you need to apply for a learner’s driving licence. A learner’s driving licence allows you to learn to drive and sharpen your skills while learning traffic rules and regulations. 

Applying for Learner’s Driving Licence

To apply for a learner’s licence, you must be physically fit, literate, and be 18 years and above. To apply for a driving licence, you can visit the Parivahan portal at the Sarathi Parivahan website.

You would need to ensure the following to proceed with your application.

  • Select your current state of residence
  • Opt for the learner’s licence option
  • Fill in details on the online form
  • Upload all the required documents as specified on the website
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • Verify that the payment is complete and take a printout of the same
  • Book a slot for the test learning licence
  • Clear the test and receive your learner’s application

It is important that you pay attention to the Class of Vehicle (COV) when you are filing your application form. You can opt for multiple COVs in your application. Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) and Motorcycle with Gear (MCWG) are commonly opted for. 

You would need to clear a written test for your learner’s licence with 60% marks at least. Once you do, you can drive or ride your vehicle with a Learner’s symbol of L in both the front and back of the vehicle. During this time, only the person teaching you to drive can accompany you and not any other passengers or pillions. 

Applying for Permanent Driving Licence

The validity of a learner’s licence is for 6 months but you can apply for a permanent driving licence after a month of receiving your learner’s licence. Here are the steps that you need to follow to apply for a permanent driving licence.

  • Go to the same Parivahan portal
  • Select your current state of residence
  • Select the option for driving licence
  • Fill out the online application form
  • Submit any supporting documents necessary
  • Book a slot for your driving test
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • Verify the status of the payment
  • Clear the driving test on the slot that you have booked

Once you complete the above, you will receive the driving licence via speed post at the registered address and you can check your driving licence application status online.

Driving Licence Application Status

To know your driving licence application status here is all that you need to do.

  • Visit the Parivahan portal at the Sarathi Parivahan website. 
  • Select the state where you have applied for your driver’s licence
  • Select Application Status on the Apply Online menu
  • Enter the Application Number, date of birth, and captcha provided by the website and submit on the request button

The above simple steps will enable you to view your driving licence application status

Though the number of online applications is constantly on the rise, you can still apply for a driving licence in offline mode. Here is all that you need to know. 

  • Visit the nearest RTO office 
  • Obtain Form 4 from the office. It is the standard application form for applying for a driving licence across the country. 
  • Fill out the form and provide necessary documents such as address and age proof and submit the application.
  • Appear for your tests on the given date and time
  • Should you pass the test, the RTO will either hand over the licence or send it to the registered address.


Driving without a valid licence can attract hefty fines and is dangerous. Using the above simple steps, you can apply and check your driving licence application status online.