We all need adequate sleep for to function properly, and it is no different in babies. For them, sleep is vital as it enables proper development.

Sleep is also important for the parents. It is during this much needed downtime that they recuperate from having the demands of a baby and life fulfilled.

The younger the baby is, the more sleep they need. For 0–3-month-old baby, the required sleep is 14 to 17 hours. Similarly, babies from the age of 4 months to 11 months need 12 to 15 hours of sleep. Toddlers needaround 11 to 14 hours of sleep.

If your baby is not getting enough sleep, it may then impair their health. Therefore, you should consult the Best Child specialist in Lahore. There can be various reasons why your child is getting insufficient rest or is falling off the sleep routine. One such common problem is sleep regression.

What is sleep regression?

In this state, babies suddenly experience a change in their sleep schedule. They might not sleep when they used to, or their nap times might alter. Lack of sleep then also makes them very cranky and fussy and can posit as a great challenge for the parent then.

Even though sleep regression is largely safe, it can be very hard on the child and the parents, alike. There can be numerous reasons why your child is deviating from the usual sleep routine. Some of these include:


Teething is the time around which parenting becomes especially challenging. As the tooth takes it sweet time to make an appearance, it then takes a toll on the baby. They may become feverish alongside undergoing great discomfort.

Due to the physical pain that teething brings, the baby may find it hard to fall peacefully asleep.


Another reason why your child may not be able to sleep during normal routine might be because of any illness. The discomfort and pain that physical ailments might bring may make it hard for the child to fall asleep, leading then to sleep regression.

Other reasons

Changes in the lives of the babies may also cause sleep regression. One major change is having a new sibling. Likewise, change in the environment like moving into a new house may also cause this problem.

Dealing with sleep regression

Even though sleep regression is not a permanent fixture in your baby’s life, it still leads to great discomfort for both the parties. Therefore, you might need to make adjustments along the way for making ease for your baby and yourself.

Some helpful things to do include:

Respond to the change

If you baby’s routine has changed, you also then account for it. Therefore, alter their routine as per the new sleeping pattern. If they are not napping for long, it’s okay for them to have a short nap. If they are sleeping earlier than usual, then make sure that you change the bedtime according.

Sleeping on their own

Not only is holding babies in your lap during sleep time extremely inconvenient, but it also may lead to growing dependence on your lap when it comes to sleeping.

Therefore, shift the baby to their cot or bed when they start to become drowsy so to encourage them on sleeping on their own.

Follow routine

Even though sleep regression entails a deviation from the normal sleep routine, it does not mean that your baby’s sleep does not follow any pattern. Hence, make small adjustments to account for the change in their sleep, but make no big changes.

Emit screens

Screens also lead to changes in the sleep schedule. So, even though letting them use YouTube allows you a moment of peace, you should not let your child use screens.

Sleep regression improves after around 3 weeks, however, if there are issues still, you must consult the Best Child specialist in Karachi.