Small Dining Room Decor Ideas With Clear Acrylic Dining Table and Chairs to Consider

With many people opting for the work-from-home option, the dining room continues to be a do-it-all space (at-home restaurant, family headquarter, and office). Sadly, people with small dining rooms find it challenging to pack in all that functions. 

If you have a small dining room, don’t fret. We’ll provide you with ideas to make the most out of your small space using a clear acrylic dining table and chairs. By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to decorate your small dining room, transforming its look while maximizing space. Let’s dig in!

Small Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Do you want to decorate your small dining room without making it appear cluttered? The following tips will come in handy:

  • Go for a Neutral Palette

Always streamline your palette and materials because too many loud colors and patterns will make your small space appear even smaller. 

Stick to a cohesive and simple color scheme, such as natural and neutral tones, to create a better visual flow. Consider adding an open feel by incorporating woven textures like natural fiber and caning. Then add colorful art if you need a little color.

  • Use an Acrylic Table

The acrylic dining table is the perfect choice for small spaces, helping to create openness within the dining room. When paired with these acrylic dining chairs, it’s an ideal choice for a small dining room. Consider getting a slightly larger table. Don’t worry; it won’t appear bulky due to the transparent nature of clear acrylic.

  • Maximize Natural Lighting

Good lighting is vital in small spaces as it helps open up the place. Consider arranging your small dining area near the window (if there’s any) to maximize natural light when dining during the day. 

Ditch heavy curtains for sheers for the dining room window to enable natural lights to easily stream in, and add a large overhead light such as a multi-globe pendant or chandelier, for more lighting. Light-reflecting, shiny surfaces will also enable the light to bounce in a low-light, small space. 

  • Add a Small-Scale Pendant

As we already mentioned, good overhead lighting is vital in any dining room. I’m sure you want the room to be well-lit for supper. Thus, the light shouldn’t overwhelm the small dining area. Ensure you use a small light fixture that will suit your space, like an airy chandelier or a simple globe or conical pendant light.

Use a Round Table for a Better Flow

According to interior design experts, it’s best to pick an oval or round table rather than a rectangular or square one when decorating small dining rooms. The reason is that oval or round tables create better flow and more walk-around space in a small room and can comfortably accommodate more diners in a narrow or small room.  

To provide an illusion of more space, pair the oval or round table with acrylic dining room chairs.

  • Work Up Your Walls

Vertical space is best for display and storage in small dining rooms. From adding floating cabinets and shelves that hold your dinnerware and hardware to showing off stylish mirrors and art decors, ensure you work up your walls with style and function. 

Consider installing a floating cabinet to keep dinner essentials and remove storage from the floor to provide more walking space. 

  • Go Minimal 

Bulky furniture pieces often appear and feel visually heavy in small spaces. Thus, it’d be best to use lightweight furnishings with minimal silhouettes like clear acrylic dining tables and chairs to provide an open feel and look to your small dining room. 

Transparent and lightweight furniture like acrylic will help make the small dining room feel more spacious and larger.

  • Use Open Shelf Storage

When decorating small dining areas, ensure you maximize the available precious floor space. Credenzas, the typical dining room storage furniture, takes up lots of space. On the other hand, wall shelves provide dining room storage while leaving the floor open. 

What’s more? They’re more customizable and flexible than bulky furniture. Depending on your display and storage needs, install floating shelves on your dining room wall, then fill them with some arts or plants, vases, and serving dishes. Seeing as it’s open storage, ensure you add beautiful pieces to make it look like a styled display.

  • Add a Bar-Height Table

One way to maximize the space in your dining room is to ditch your regular dining chairs and table for a bar-height table and seat. Besides saving floor space when you’re not using the stool, and it’s tucked underneath the table, a bar-height table gives off an optical illusion. 

The truth is, furniture pieces that are off the ground look lighter visually. However, a clear acrylic bar-height table and chair will create the illusion of a larger space in your dining area. You can also use the bar-height table as a desk whenever you work from home. 

  • Utilize Corners

Don’t forget that every square-foot matters when decorating a small dining room. Thus, consider maximizing corners by choosing a round table with banquette seating or a bench flushed against the walls. 

This decor idea is perfect for dining alcoves or eat-in kitchen spaces, where you’d want a special breakfast and dining nook. Consider adding one or two lucite dining chairs to make the space appear larger

  • Hang a Mirror

Incorporating a floor or wall mirror is a perfect hack for visually helping small spaces open up. Mirrors reflect light, helping to make the area appear larger. 

Also, metallic, light-reflecting finishes possess similar effects. Consider adding a mirror to your small dining room, seeing as there’s probably no extra space for decor. The mirror will serve as a 2-in-1 piece. 

Besides helping to open up your dining room visually, a mirror with style or frame that complements your dining area will add an intentional, stylish touch to your wall. 

Final Words

There you have it! Decor ideas to help you maximize your small dining area. Hopefully, you wouldn’t have to worry about your dining room being cluttered. Simply ditch your traditional furniture for a clear acrylic dining table and chairs

That way, your small dining room becomes more open and spacious. There are many advantages to decorating your home with acrylic furniture. Consider starting with clear dining tables and chairs to see if it works for you. 

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