Apple Watch Glitches

The smart wearable is another big leap in portable technology that is providing great comfort to its users. Cell phones seem incomplete without smart watches and become easy to use with the help of these paired devices. Being a student, a businessman or even a housewife on grocery trips, the use of smart watches keeps us updated with necessary info. These wearable have become our active partners and save us from many ‘Oops I missed that!’ and ‘Ah, that should have been done on time!’ type happenings.  That is why taking care of smartwatches has become as essential as cell phones. Repair Save Gadget, the premium Apple phone repair in Land O’Lakes. FL has smart analyses of the problems that occur to your Apple watches. 

Apple Phonee Repair in Land O’Lakes; Solutions to Apple Watch Common Errors

At times, when our smart phones become difficult to handle, the smart watches complement them. Being busy we often ignore reading important messages, forget our daily health care checks and miss many other important alerts. That is why keeping your smart watches working well is also very important. No doubt, the apple watch is an impressive innovation, but it has its fair share of errors. The premier company providing Apple phone repair services in Land O’Lakes has a few solutions to your Apple watch problems. 

Raise to Wake feature doesn’t Work

Just like the iPhone, the Apple watch also offers the comfort of a touch free screen view. Its ‘raised wrist wake up’ feature makes it really comfortable to use, but this function starts showing errors at times. First you need to enable its ‘Wake Screen on Wrist Raise’ feature. If that is not turned on, go for it and enable it. If the feature still doesn’t work, do not panic and rush to some phone repair store immediately; there is still one more thing you can do. Take the next step and check that its ‘Theater Mode’ is not interfering. It is a feature that stops the watch from waking up and keeps the screen black even on a raised wrist. 

Messages Stay Unread

Phone repair stores often come across this issue with Apple users who love wearing their watches. Many of them take it as a software error of the watch, but in fact it is a connection issue between the cell phone and the paired wearable. It happens that you make the messages read on your iPhone, but the watch still shows them as unread; this issue can be resolved by rebooting both devices. If you still see messages as unread on the watch display, then unpair the devices and pair them again. After taking this step your watch should get back to showing an updated message status.

Watch not connecting with iPhone

The Apple watch usually works flawlessly while paired with the iPhone, but at times it does not get connected with the phone. That makes its users very uncomfortable who have got addicted to following its features like different workout modes, fitness and health tracking. If your watch shows no connection with iPhone then go for the following checks:

  • Are the WIFI and Bluetooth connections enabled?
  • Is the watch pairing mode turned on?
  • Check the Watch Control Center, if the watch is paired, but not connecting
  • Turn airplane mode off and then on
  • Restart both devices
  • Ensure your watch has updated software
  • Reset both devices

After taking these measures, if your watch doesn’t get connected, then it is better to visit a cell phone repair center and get it checked by an expert. 

Digital Crown Feature not working

According to the electronics repair in Land O’Lakes study, this feature is an added comfort on the Apple watch. It is a rotating button on the side of the watch that helps in using Siri, for scrolling or zooming, for watching the home screen and opening the last used application. Due to some software glitch this feature doesn’t work and for it the easiest solution is to restart the device. If the watch doesn’t get back to normal, then unpair it. If still the issue persists, then go for cleaning the watch, as the accumulated dirt may cause hindrance in its working. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then an expert’s advice is a must for you.

Watch not showing notifications

This error gets very annoying for the users and they feel like rushing to some phone repair store. Such an occurrence in the device obviously seems like a fatal error, but it’s better to make suresome assurances before handing over your watch for repair. Here are some of the measures suggested by Apple phone repair companies in Land O’Lakes:

  • Check if the watch is unlocked 
  • Check if the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature is on or off
  • Check if the notifications are on or off
  • Unpair the watch and pair again


  1. What is the main reason behind my watch getting unresponsive?

If your watch is unresponsive, try holding on the side button and the digital crown together for at least ten seconds. It should become responsive after taking this step.

  1. What does the green snake indicate about the Apple watch?  

This sign shows that the watch is connected to a charger, but is not charged enough to turn on.

  1. What is the average life of an Apple watch?

The average life of an Apple watch is 3 years. After that its battery runs down and needs to be replaced.