Marketing and sales go hand in hand in almost every other industry. Businesses depend on marketing to gain an edge over their competitors, to gain new customers, to establish themselves as professional providers, and to achieve other marketing goals. Most companies spend millions of dollars each year marketing their products and services through marketing and advertising campaigns. But the marketing and sales professionals work in different arenas.

A Definition For Marketing

Marketing is defined as the use of communication to promote products or services to the target market. While these two business roles are very different, they both have a common goal: To bring prospects and convert them into clients, eventually producing sales. The word, marketing, actually refers to all actions which result in the direct sale of products or services to the marketplace. While advertising and market research may be involved in marketing, it usually occurs after the decision has been made to market a product or service. And market research is the process of obtaining information about potential customer behavior so that a firm can plan and implement marketing strategies to increase sales.

Marketing Increases Sales

With so many challenges facing the marketing professionals today, it is important for them to develop a solid marketing strategy to increase sales. When developing a marketing strategy, the main thing to consider is what the primary objectives of the marketing will be, the target audience, and the communication methods necessary to reach this target audience. Marketing strategies also include creating and maintaining relationships with potential clients. There are four Ps that must be incorporated in any effective marketing strategy. These four Ps are research, preparation, presentation, and distribution.

What Is Research?

Research is the process of gaining information about potential customers. Preparing a marketing plan for promotion should begin with the collection of consumer information. Gathering information about consumers before launching any marketing campaigns is essential for a successful promotion and is the cornerstone of the societal marketing concept. Market research can be done through surveys, focus groups, and product evaluations, amongst other methods.

A marketing plan should also include demographic information on the targeted market and target audience. This data will assist in determining the type of marketing strategies needed to reach the targeted market. Planning and implementing a marketing strategy should include creating advertisements, public relations campaigns, and promotional events.

Using Marketing Resources Fully

Planning, preparation, and implementation should all be integrated into a marketing plan so as to make the most of the marketing resources available. One of the best ways to ensure that these elements are well-prepared is to use market research. A thorough market research should be able to provide a wealth of consumer information on consumer satisfaction, pricing, brand loyalty, advertising effectiveness, etc. The research should also show the demand and supply of the product or service concerned.

One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Marketing Is Its Communication

The marketing communication involves the creation of awareness, education, persuasion, and buying decisions. It is an essential marketing tool as it acts as a medium between the marketer and the target audience. The messages conveyed through marketing campaigns are intended to shape the future of the brand or product and help it become a part of the consumer’s everyday life. Brand messaging is based on the marketing objectives with social media being one of the major components that affect the success of the marketing campaign.


In line with this, brands are now increasingly using Instagram to promote their brand. The key reason why brands choose Instagram for promotions is because it allows them to interact directly with their customers. Brands can also upload pictures from their recent campaigns, showcasing the products and/or services that were used in the campaign. For example, if a brand wishes to promote a new product, then they can upload pictures from their campaign that helped to make the product popular.