Company’s Logo plays a very significant role in creating a company’s reputation in front of the audience. A logo is an identification mark of any company by which the organization can paint its image for the viewers. Every company aims at increasing profit, and it can be done only by attracting more and more clients. That’s why, regardless of how much stunning your administration and services are if the logo design is inadequately outlined, then you may have to face a difficult time in grabbing the attention of the audience. Even if you had hired a logo designer for the purpose, he may also find it challenging to outline a convincing logo. Therefore, here some biggest mistake that logo designers generally make is discussed so that you can keep them in mind and prepare yourself cautious.

1)    Excessively dependent on trends

Logo design industry is the one which keeps on changing every once in a while. Usually, logo designers rely too much on the trendy designs and outline the company logos accordingly. But relying excessively on the trend can harm the company in future times. If it is planned according to the trendy patterns, it might start looking outdated soon. Therefore, a logo should be designed keeping in mind the organization objective and should be unique and durable.

2)    Improper use of typefaces

To make the logo design attractive, logo designers generally take help of typefaces. The designer should create a savvy choice with regards to selecting a typeface as an inappropriate typeface might put the company at risk. Therefore, it is always suggestible not to use typefaces excessively. Utilization of one or two typefaces is sufficient to make the logo attractive. The typefaces should be selected by the designer keeping in mind the company’s services and promises made to the user.

3)     Bad color selection

Selection of a logo color demands an understanding of brain science behind the colors. Imperfect color selection is the most recognized mistake that designers usually make. They discretionary pick colors for the logo design and add it to the same. Selecting appropriate and decent color requires a manner of thinking and reasoning. The designer should choose the color that enhances the logo appearance and matches the center message of the brand. The second thing that designers should consider before adding colors to the logo is to check the logo in black and white form initially. Then add the colors to the logo after analysis.

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A logo should always be decent and straightforward. A logo has the purpose of making the audience feel connected to the company. Moreover, a company logo has the power to persuade the audience to look at your brand. But sometimes, logo designers in order to make the design unique add complexities to the logo and the audience find it difficult to understand.  Therefore, a logo should be made with the appropriate color selection, right kind of typefaces and with sufficient icons. A decent icon gets imprinted in the minds of people, and they can easily recognize it. A positive image can be made by delivering a simple and creative logo.


Plagiarism is becoming the most common mistake nowadays. For eliminating the same, legal implications has also been put up. A logo portrays the reputation of the company it should always be unique and creative. It has always been rightly said that originality is classy. The designers should have the knowledge and importance if original and unique logo design. But unfortunately some logo designers do not understand it and make the logo plagiarized. In this way, it not only negatively impacts the company but also lead to its shut down. Therefore, do not even try to copy someone logo otherwise it will put you in great trouble.

So, if you are looking forward to outlining your logo, make sure that you do not repeat these types of mistakes that logo designers usually make. Always try to deliver unique and satisfied logo design to your users. It will not only lead to an increase in your earning but at the same time rank up your company image in front of your clients and potential users.