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Our firm specializes in high-end collector papers. For several years, we have worked diligently to improve that each collectible ID card we sell is of the highest possible quality. Our top objective is to continue expanding and improving the quality of services we give, resulting in which the variety we provide appearing to be highly engaging and exciting. It’s important to understand that a special edition IDisn’t the same as a false ID card and must not be considered. Collector’s documents are ideal for various occasions, such as a one-of-a-kind present. There’s no denying that now every special edition ID card should be visually appealing. Thus, we go to great lengths to assure the best possible aesthetic value.

Everything about the organization and interested parties

Please keep in mind that this sort of collector’s document is being used as a false ID card. Our top concern has always been client satisfaction. Our organization creates each special edition ID card with meticulous attention to detail. We sincerely urge interested parties to contact us; if you’re intrigued by our offer, we’ll be pleased to advise everyone on the best options and provide you with a high-quality collector’s ID card. A collector’s Identity card is a hilarious method to prank your friends and family. All you have to do now is choose the exemplary service and a fantastic collector’s certificate.

Procedure of makingcollector’s documents

The collector’s editions of the papers we sell are characterized by any data, photo, signature, or holographic marks that can be added to any collector’s item. Each dokumenty kolekcjonerskie may be described anyway, making the card appear more realistic or hilarious. There are two types of collector’s documents: With a signature and no hologram, this is the most basic option. Extended – includes a hologram and a handwritten signature. You may pick the following alternatives and fill the data already on the documentation card before throwing it in the basket, dependent on what the collector’s edition is to copy a particular card.

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The snapshot allows for a simple visual check to see if the credential is used by its rightful owner.

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You may place an order using a user-friendly and straightforward form on our website. Transactions are delivered and dispatched 90% of the time the following day, as well as the item will be delivered to you within 48 hours after making and verifying the order. Will you place your order on Monday? Your shipment will arrive on Wednesday. We use a courier service to send packages with cash on delivery option. Pick either the “ENGLISH” or “POLISH” option in the bottom menu to alter the country wherein the certificate is displayed. According to the European Commission, all certifications would be accessible inside the native language or translated into English.