Your next job interview could land you the job of your dreams. But job hunting requires your time and effort – much like when you’re working. To maximize the impact of your efforts, you need to stand out from the other applicants. Once you know the right ways to impress, you’ll sail through job interviews and have your pick of offers. Here are ways to wow any interviewer.

See Yourself From the Interviewer’s Perspective

You know what you need before the job interview; a job that pays well. You want benefits, a good status, and a meaningful role. However, the real question is, what does an employer need from you?

By focusing solely on your needs, you become like any other applicant. You’ll surely fail to impress your potential employers or propel yourself to the front of the pack. Not recognizing the needs of the hiring company can hinder your chances of getting hired.

Employers want to know you’ve got the qualities, experience, and skill set to benefit the company. They want to add value to the business and make a sound investment in an employee. If you can help them make money, increase production, or make wiser decisions, you’re in the running for the job. Employers also need to know you won’t soon leave and force them to start the hiring process again.

Carefully Tailor Your Resume

You need to show an employer you have what it takes before the interview. Start with your resume. Your resume should be a reflection of who you are as a professional. You should also customize it according to the company and position for which you are applying. During these trying times, more and more hiring managers are using a system to sift through resumes. An ATS resume template can help you pass this tracking system.

Candidates should also quickly qualify themselves for a position using the resume. By saying so, resume must reflect skills and experiences that match the position. Then, focus on what experience or evidence makes you specifically suited for the role. Starting with your most relevant strengths is sure to make your resume stand out.

Be Aware of Body Language and Appearance

In many cases, body language can convey more than actually speaking. And your body language could compromise the things you say during a job interview, according to The Importance of Body Language in an Interview. How you answer questions is essential, but consider other factors that can sway an interviewer. Bring a positive attitude, upbeat disposition, and self-confidence into the interview room. Lead with a firm handshake, maintain an inquisitive expression, and make eye contact.

Also, be sure you resemble a desirable employee. Dress neatly, cleanly, and job appropriately. Take care of small details like cleaning your footwear and ironing your shirt or pants. You want an employer to recall your stellar qualifications, not your muddy footwear or crumpled shirt. Choose your clothing well in advance and check the fit before the day of the interview.

Don’t Neglect to Follow Up

Strong applicants make a meaningful connection with interviewers. They express gratitude before leaving the interview. Placing a personal stamp on an interaction increases your chance of standing out from other applicants. Remain positive and personable for the entirety of the interview and your time on company property.

Interviewers will remember you as an energetic and genuine individual. However, once you leave, don’t forget to follow up. Compose and send a thank you letter after the interview concludes. You may also send a thank you email if possible. Regardless of the format, be sure you follow up.

Before your next interview, consider these tips. Thoroughly prepare, expect to impress, and you’ve positioned yourself as the top pick for any employer.