Steam Gront makes a range of wet and dry steam cleaners, but what is it that sets them apart? In this article, we’ll look at what these steam cleaners do, and what you can expect from them. You’ll also learn about their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in purchasing a steam cleaner for your car, read on to learn more.


Benefits Of Dry Steam Cleaners

Dry steam cleaners have a wide range of benefits over traditional steam cleaning techniques. The dry steam produced by these machines is of true temperature, which prevents bacterial contamination on surfaces. The machines are highly efficient in removing stubborn stains on all types of surfaces, from carpets to metal. Steam Gront has been a leading supplier of steam cleaners and vacuums for several years. Another benefit of steam cleaning is that it prevents bacteria from building up on your car’s surfaces. Not only does steam cleaning remove these bacteria, but it also improves the air quality inside the car. Airborne irritants can aggravate allergies, asthma, and breathing problems. And when you’re cleaning your car with steam, you’re also doing your part to keep the air in your vehicle cleaner.



Dry steam cleaners are made of an exclusive combination of materials and technologies. Its high-tech steam Bil rengøring system enables it to sanitize car surfaces and clean stains and dirt trapped in pores and crevices. This steam cleaner can also clean rims and deep varnish. It uses less water than a conventional steam cleaner and saves chemicals as well. It is also ideal for fleet cleaning, with many advantages and a low price. The only downside of these machines is their limited self-service mode.

Dry steam cleaners use only 3 liters of water, compared to 11 liters a minute with traditional high-pressure cleaners. The steam penetrates the coat to remove all dirt residues and polishes it to a brilliant shine. Dry steam cleaners are designed for professional use but are also ideal for household use, too.


Effective And Convenient Way To Sanitize A Car

Steam Gront has an impressive performance in removing years of dirt and grime. The product contains less amount moisture, which minimizes the risk of damage from mildew and mold. This machine can clean multiple surfaces simultaneously without using excessive amounts of water. With a high steam temperature, the JetVac can clean a variety of surfaces, including metal. The Tecnovap jet vacuum is also a great time and water-saving option.


High-pressure steam is essential for effective car cleaning. The steam is extremely effective for interior cleaning, eliminating the risk of fungus and bacteria growth and removing unpleasant smells. Additionally, high-pressure steam can destroy a vehicle’s paint and finish. Reducing the risk of damage also gives a boost to the business’s competitiveness. This is an effective and convenient way to sanitize a car in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.


These machines use steam to remove dirt and stains on any surface of the vehicle. Steam Green is a safe and effective Rengøring af bil agent and can be used on the dashboard, door jams, cup holders, headliners, and central console. Some steam cleaners are even safe to use on the exterior of a car. They can safely clean bodywork, wheels, and fabrics. Using a steam cleaner also helps remove heavy odors and other contaminants. The steam from these machines will cause problems if they are too close to the car, as the steam can cause the rubber to melt.



A steam cleaner is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use chemicals or harmful solvents. It uses low-moisture steam to clean car surfaces, which is ideal for detailing. The steam used also contains UV protection. This makes it an eco-friendly choice for car owners. So, you can be sure your car is spotless. And Tecnovap wet steam cleaners are eco-friendly, making them an excellent choice for car owners.

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