Toner and Ink

Toner and ink are expensive – crazy expensive. Even paperless offices have to spend money on ink and toner for copiers and printers; paper and printing are here to stay.

Is it possible to save money on these pricey office essentials? Yes, if you implement any of the following five ideas:

1. Print in Draft Mode

Not everything you print needs to be high quality. Set the printer to draft mode for everyday printing and leave it there. Draft mode is generally sufficient for most working papers and uses much less ink. Always use draft mode to preview documents as well. Making draft mode a habit will prevent wasting dollars on throwaway documents.

2. Use Your Computer to Change and Save Printer Settings

When you’re standing at the printer, it’s difficult, and usually too late, to change the settings. But, if you set up default printer settings on your computer, printing in draft mode, greyscale, or black and white will happen automatically, making saving money part of your routine.

3. Beware of Sleep Mode

Coming out of sleep mode takes energy and ink or toner. The more often your printer goes to sleep, the more energy and ink are wasted when it wakes up again to operate. It also slows down your printing; waiting for a printer to “wake up” when you’ve set a document to print is annoying. Change your power settings to keep the printer awake during hours when you’re likely to print to prevent wasting time and resources.

4. Ask Yourself if You’re Using the Right Type of Device

You’re either running a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Cost differences between the two are significant. While a laser printer costs more upfront, it’s cheaper per page over the long term if you print large quantities of black and white text documents. If you’re printing color images daily, an inkjet is probably the way to go. You can minimize your operating costs by using the type of device that makes the most sense for your business.

5. Change Your Supplier

A true office supply partner will help you get supplies that are right for your business. Work with a business product professional that offers services such as discount office supplies, custom pricing plans, online ordering, and next-day delivery. They’ll have even more suggestions to help you save money as they get to know you.

It’s always possible to save money, even on ink and toner. Be smart and think strategically about your printing needs, so you don’t waste another penny.