Summer can be a challenging season for choosing dresses and accessories that meets your style and fashion needs because, unlike the fall and winter, the choice of garments is limited. In the absence of jackets and other accessories, summer styling for men depends mainly on the selection of stylish hats that helps them make a statement. Hats are for men of all ages, and especially the younger folks share a deep bond with the ageless headgear that is now a must-have for almost everyone. Men who want to soak in the beauty of luxurious hats can add more variety to their style by choosing leather hat bands that make the off-white fedoras look gorgeous. Styling with hats is easy because no matter which kind of hat you choose- bucket hats, snapbacks, Panama hats, or any other hat are all stylish in their ways.

Hats are valuable fashion accessories because of the styling options and because these are highly functional headgears that protect the face and head from harmful weather exposure. Hats of different types can meet the seasonal needs for protection, and men can choose from a wide range of summer hats that ensure style, comfort, and protection as desired. Hats have always been in fashion, and you must know the right way to wear them to express the style most attractively. Hats give completeness to men’s styling, and here are some types of summer hats that can boost the style quotient many more times.


Fedora hats are undoubtedly the chart-toppers in fashion for both men and women but perhaps have more acceptance among men, as evident from their wide use among Hollywood actors and celebrities over many years.  The unforgettable image of Harrison Ford in the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ heralded a new era in the history of the fedora hat that became synonymous with the movie franchise Indiana Jones the blazed the screens for many years and set a new mark for hats as a male fashion accessory. 

However, in the beginning, fedoras were part of the formal dressing and a must-have for business executives who wore the hat with a suit to create the perfect looks of a professional who means business.  As time progressed, the appeal of fedoras kept growing fast, and soon it became a popular choice for people from all walks of life, and today it has wide acceptability among youngsters. The hat is easily identifiable from the teardrop-shaped crown, and the creases on both sides are pinched near the front. The hat has a soft brim that might be flat or slightly curved at the back, and by varying the brim width, you can adjust the level of sun protection you need. 

Panama hat

Panama hats are typically worn for sun protection, and the fashionable, lightweight hats are the obvious choice when moving around outdoors for leisure and fun. The design and style of Panama hats exude vibes of happiness and joy typical of the South American country Ecuador, from where the hat started its journey to become a rave across the world. 

Typically, Panama hats are made from toquilla palm straws that are incredibly lightweight and suitable for making highly breathable hats. The large hats ensure maximum sun protection that often extends up to the shoulders, and despite being soft, the straws make sturdy hats that can withstand the stress of handling without losing their shape. Panama hats combine perfectly with any linen fabric used chiefly for making summer garments that are cool, comfortable, and stylish.  The hat has a high crown and a variable brim width to suit the casual style.

Bucket hat

To create your style in casual dressing, you must pay attention to what you wear on the head because hats can make you look incredibly stylish when chosen correctly. If you want a smaller hat that offers good sun protection, then the bucket hat is a perfect choice. Bucket hats are among the most popular hats for men, and even women are now taking an interest in them. The simple-looking hat can turn into a highly fashionable accessory with the magical touches of some expensive designer brands. Still, there are plenty of affordable options to create eye-catching fashion that attracts the younger population, which gives preference to style over status. The hats are made from canvas-type heavy-duty fabric and have an oblong or elongated top-down shape dominated by a downward but forward-looking slope. Cotton and nylon are the preferred materials for making bucket hats that were first seen in the pictures of the Vietnam War, where the American forces wore them for protection from the sun and rain.

The hat that proved highly effective to counter the tropical climates is equally effective as summer wear.

By Thomas